Getting the right insurance for your RV this year

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Whether it's for a weekend, a season or a full-time life on the road, RVs are increasingly popular this year. Here are some questions to ask before choosing your RV insurance.
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Good weather is on the horizon, and with it comes the temptation to travel around Quebec in an RV. Some people just want to get away entirely until fall or go back and forth from home to campground for the summer or even adopt RVing as a lifestyle and simply travel around, continually staying at campgrounds and improvised parking spots for months and even years.

No matter how you use your RV, you’ll still need insurance to cover any damage to the vehicle itself, as well as risks such as fire, theft of your personal belongings or RV equipment, and travel and lodging expenses in case of a breakdown. What factors affect your coverage? The following questions may be helpful. 

How much traveling do you expect to do?

Whether your RV is a truck camper, a camper van, a travel trailer or a motorhome, you'll more than likely be taking it on the road. ‒ where the risks are naturally higher than in a campground. The farther you travel, the more important it will be to have access to roadside assistance, a replacement vehicle or emergency accommodation in case of a breakdown.

Where and how often will you use your RV?

The coverage you need will vary depending on the particular circumstances. Will you be spending the summer at a campground or will you be living in the RV only occasionally? Your answer will affect the type of coverage you need.


Will you be traveling outside Quebec or Canada?

A change in jurisdiction may also affect the coverage you need, particularly in terms of civil liability. How long you’ll be away may be a factor, assuming that public health circumstances allow you to leave Quebec. Share with your specific travel plans with your insurance agent so that your coverage can be adjusted to meet any out-of-province needs.

What will you do with your RV during the winter?

Of course, if you follow the sun and live in your RV year-round, your coverage will have to extend outside Canada. Otherwise, you'll need to think about storing the vehicle. This involves emptying the water heater and drinking water tank, filling your hoses with antifreeze if the vehicle is stored outside, etc. Don't forget to tell your insurance agent that you’ve done this. Insurance coverage against fire, theft, vandalism or other incidents that may occur during storage is also necessary, and often requested by storage companies – even a stored RV is not immune to fire! Good news: by notifying the SAAQ that your RV is in storage for a given period of time, you’ll receive a discount on your annual vehicle registration fee.

What will you be bringing with you in your RV?

It’s common knowledge that you should never leave valuables in a car. However, the situation is quite different when you live in an RV 24 hours a day. Are you taking a TV with you? A personal computer? A road bike? A state-of-the-art camera? Furnishings, specialized equipment and RV appliances can be expensive, too. Be sure to think carefully about what you're going to take with you and check with your insurance agent whether you have sufficient insurance to cover furnishings and other belongings. Your RV insurance will then cover both your vehicle and its contents.

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Good to know

Intact Insurance's My RV and me* basic protection provides up to $100,000 coverage for damage to a borrowed or rented RV; up to $7,500 for personal property inside the vehicle (and, under certain conditions, outside it); $100 per day up to a maximum of $3,000 for the rental of a replacement vehicle; roadside assistance; legal assistance; and four weeks’ coverage at no additional cost when you go on a leisure trip outside Quebec. And even more.**

This summer is a great time to travel around Quebec in your RV. Contact PMT ROY Damage Insurance Agency to explain your needs, get a quote and the right coverage for your needs , and then hit the road with your recreational vehicle with complete peace of mind!

**Certain conditions, restrictions and exclusions apply. Roadside assistance and My RV and me products are offered in Quebec only. Roadside assistance services are provided by an independent third party. This website provides general information only, for policies that include Insurance for Roadside assistance costs. Your insurance policy contract takes precedence at all times.  

The 100 experts specialized in Intact Insurance solution from the PMT ROY Agency will help you find the right car, home or RV insurance coverage according to your needs.

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