How to enjoy your new pool or hot tub in complete safety this summer

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The pandemic has prompted many homeowners to purchase a pool or hot tub in order to enjoy their residences even more. What’s the scoop on pool or hot tub installation, safety and insurance?
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Install your pool according to code

Does your new in-ground or above-ground pool meet all provincial and municipal requirements? That's the first question to ask. To find out for sure, you should first read Quebec’s Residential Swimming Pool Safety Regulation. This sets out a series of rules to control pool access and limit the risk of accidents. These rules include installation requirements for pool enclosures, ladders and safety devices, as well as the minimum clearance from other objects in your yard.

You must also ensure that equipment installations comply with your municipality's regulations, which are sometimes stricter than the provincial ones.

For this, you must ensure that your pool is safe and that access is properly controlled. For a hot tub, the hard cover must be equipped with a safety lock.

Access to enclosures, water filters or water heaters must be secured to prevent anyone from climbing over in order to enter the water.

Your municipality can easily inform you of the scope of these regulations. To build, install or repair a pool in your yard, you must obtain a municipal permit. This is also true for certain types of hot tubs.

Protect your pool well

Homeowners insurance protects you against certain types of damage caused by a swimming pool or hot tub – for example, if your home is flooded by water discharge from the pool. However, damage caused by your pool or hot tub is not automatically covered. For this, you may need to purchase additional coverage (an endorsement) that will allow you to insure the following items:

  • the pool (or hot tub)
  • the equipment of the pool (or hot tub), especially that used for maintenance or to ensure water quality
  • any patios or decks providing direct access to the pool (or hot tub)
  • paved areas around the pool (or hot tub)
  • necessary demolition or restoration expenses relating to the repair of any insured property
  • labour costs for replacing or repairing the pool (or hot tub)
  • maintenance and water-heating equipment for the pool (or hot tub)
  • the deck or patio providing access to the pool (or hot tub)
  • labour costs for replacing or repairing the pool (or hot tub)

Have you decided on an in-ground pool? Some home insurance policies automatically cover one, while others require an endorsement. Check with your agent!

Use the pool safely

Accidents can happen out of the blue. That’s why children should not be left unattended while in the pool or playing near it. In fact, it is recommended that you always keep an eye on children even if they know how to swim. Beware of distractions like your cellphone!

Have you considered swimming lessons at your home? This is a great way of ensuring that the kids get used to the new family pool!

Also, keep lifejackets and lifebuoys accessible for anyone in the pool. Although immersion alarms do not replace adult supervision, this type of equipment can be useful for protecting children. It is also recommended to put away all floating accessories (e.g. balls), once everyone has left the water.  This prevents children from being tempted to reach for them and falling into the water.

You should therefore let your insurance agent know right away the installation date of a new pool or hot tub. They can advise you on the best coverage to suit your needs.

Then, bring on vacation time!

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