Your ATV is part of your lifestyle. Get the ATV insurance you can count on.

  • Competitive rates
    We provide coverage for many types of ATVs: whether you're riding an all-terrain vehicle ("ATV"), a side-by-side or a utility terrain vehicle ("UTV"), enjoy an affordable premium and a solid insurance protection for your vehicle.1
  • Tailored protections
    Get customized coverage to ensure that your off- road toy is well protected. We provide coverage for units up to $30,000$ in value, with engine sizes up to 900 CCs and physical damage coverage for ATVs up to 25 years of age! Do you already have a car insured with us? You could be eligible for a discount!
  • A claims team you can count on
    Nobody wants to be in an accident or wishes to file a claim for damage to their ATV. In the event this happens to you, you can count on Canada’s biggest claims team to assist you with the claim process in order to get back out and enjoy the outdoors as soon as possible.


Have the right ATV insurance when you're hitting the trails for a long weekend of fun with your ATV! Get peace of mind knowing that you have ATV insurance to help cover you if something happens. Get the right insurance for your ATV, regardless of the terrain.

Liability, Bodily Injury and Property Damage Coverage protects you if you're responsible for injuring someone or damaging someone else's property in an ATV accident.

Direct Compensation Property Damage Coverage may cover damages to your vehicle and its contents if another driver is at fault.

Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage may compensate you if you, your passengers, or pedestrians are injured in an ATV collision, regardless of responsibility. Accident Benefits can be increased to match your individual requirements. For additional information, please contact your broker.

Uninsured ATV Coverage may protect you in two instances. First, if you are injured in a crash by a driver who does not have insurance. Second, if you are unable to identify the vehicle; for instance, if you were the victim of a hit and run.


Various levels of physical damage coverage for your vehicle are available, depending on how much protection and coverage you want for your ATV: 

  • Specified Perils Coverage: Covers your vehicle against a limited number of predetermined risks, like theft, some natural disasters, hail, riots or civil disturbances.  
  • Collision or Upset Coverage: If damages are caused to your ATV because you've crashed into something (like a light post, guardrail, or another vehicle), Collision or Upset coverage could cover the cost of those repairs. You may just have to pay the deductible.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers the expenses to fix the damage to your vehicle from unpredictable circumstances such as fire, theft, vandalism, or some natural disasters.
  • All Perils protection: A combination of Comprehensive coverage and Collision or Upset Coverage.


Bundle and save!

Combine your home, car and ATV insurance and take advantage of the exclusive benefits. Get the best value for your money with insurance bundles.2

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  • Bundle your home, car and ATV insurance
    Get the best value for your money by bundling your home, car and ATV insurance together!
  • More ways to save
    You own multiple vehicles and insure them with Intact Insurance? Let your broker know, it could help you save!


Is ATV insurance required in Canada?

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In Canada, driving on public property or using public roads requires off-road vehicle insurance. If you ride strictly on private property, however, an ATV insurance policy is not required. If you own an ATV, it is strongly advised to have an insurance policy for your recreational vehicle to be protected in case of damage to yourself, your vehicle, or to others.

Does ATV insurance cover theft?

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If your ATV insurance policy includes comprehensive or specified perils coverage, your ATV will be covered in case of theft.

Why is ATV insurance important?

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With ATV insurance, you’ll be able to enjoy your all-terrain vehicles with peace of mind, knowing that you have the right coverage should anything happen on the trails. With the right protection for your vehicle, you can leave your worries behind and enjoy the trails.

What kind of off-road vehicles do you insure?

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We insure ATVs, UTVs and side-by-side vehicles. Be sure to reach out to your broker to learn more about the right coverage for your off-road vehicle.

How can I insure my off-road vehicle?

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To get a quote for your ATV, contact your insurance broker. If you’re already an Intact Insurance customer, you could be even eligible for discounts on your insurance premium if you have a private passenger vehicle or home policy with us.

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