Landlords: rent out your properties confidently. From condos to apartments and full houses, we’ve got you covered.

  • Coverage for your unique insurance needs
    Each landlord has different insurance needs for their rental properties. We offer two policy types to fit your needs and provide the best protection for your properties.
  • Vandalism and fair rental value coverage
    Our rented dwelling insurance policy provides one of the most extensive landlord insurance coverages in the Canadian marketplace by including vandalism by a tenant and fair rental value for your rental property.
  • Outstanding claims experience
    If something happens to your rental property, you'll have access to second-to-none claims support with the biggest claims team in Canada, 24/7.


A landlord should constantly be ready for the unanticipated. If your rental property is affected by wind, fire, or another insured loss, landlord insurance will assist you in repairing or rebuilding. If your renters can't stay in your rental property while it is being repaired, it will also assist you with rental income when you need it the most. We offer two policy types for your investment property:

  • Rented Dwelling Comprehensive: provides all-risk coverage
  • Rented Dwelling Fire and Extended: provides protection against vandalism and other risks

Our rented dwelling insurance covers damages to the building itself and attached structures.

Our landlord insurance covers damages to personal property as a landlord in the building such as appliances like laundry machines, carpets, furniture, etc.

Rented dwelling insurance covers buildings and structures detached from the rental property such as:

  • Shed
  • Gazebo
  • Garage
  • Storage space
  • Etc.

Landlord insurance covers loss of rental income if the tenant can’t stay in the rented dwelling due to damages and repairs.

Our rented dwelling insurance will protect you if you are legally liable for unintentional property damage or physical injury on your rental property.

Programs and add-ons

Get the most complete landlord insurance coverage and enjoy the many benefits of our home insurance programs. To learn more about endorsements, ask your broker or get a quote.1


Enhanced water damage package

Water is the main threat to your home. Enhanced water damage package protects you if water enters your home: sewer back-up, water and sewer lines and overland water.


What is rented dwelling insurance?

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Rented dwelling insurance, also known as rental property insurance or landlord insurance, protects your rental property from damages and lost earnings from rental income at your rental homes. It offers protection for the structure, your personal property as a landlord, premises liability, and lost rental revenue. To learn more about landlord insurance, don’t hesitate to reach out to your broker.

What insurance is a landlord responsible to have?

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A landlord is responsible for the insurance of the building, their personal property (appliances, furniture, maintenance equipment, etc.) as well as premises liability insurance. In other words, rented dwelling insurance protects the space in which tenants reside and the personal property and liability of the landlord. On the other hand, tenants are responsible to protect their personal belongings and personal liability, and need to get their own tenant insurance policy, which we also offer at Intact Insurance.

Do I need homeowners insurance if I have a rental property?

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As a landlord, rented dwelling insurance is the right coverage to get for your rental property. It will provide coverage for the building you are renting out, your personal property, your liability and fair rental value. If you also own a home in which you live in it as your principal dwelling, you will need a separate insurance policy to provide coverage for its building, contents and your personal liability. Ask your broker to get more information about homeowners insurance.

Can you insure a property that is not rented?

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Your rented dwelling insurance coverage may be impacted if your rental property is vacant, even for a little time. If your rental property is left unoccupied, reach out to your broker to make sure you have the right coverage. Depending on the duration of the vacancy, you may need to adapt your coverage.

What type of rental property can I insure?

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Landlords can insure an entire house or condos under a rented dwelling insurance policy if the investment property is used for residential purposes only. If you would like to insure a commercial property, commercial real estate insurance will provide the right coverage.

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