This is the life you built for yourself. Discover custom coverage for complete peace of mind.

  • Tailored Coverage
    You deserve perfect-fit coverage. Intact Prestige's insurance products adapt to your lifestyle, whether you need high coverage limits and coverage against specific risks, or want to protect your jewellery, wine or art collection.
  • Unmatched expertise
    Your broker is your best resource, ready to advise you on your unique insurance needs. Our dedicated Intact Prestige claims team is available 24/7, and our experts in numerous fields will ensure that any issues will be resolved efficiently, without interrupting your lifestyle.
  • Personalized appraisal
    Our appraisal experts will evaluate your home and assets and present a custom plan to prevent losses and protect your investment. Should anything happen, this report also provides a worry-free tool during the claims process.

Tailored Coverage

Choose from insurance products designed exclusively for you and your lifestyle. Intact Prestige protects your house, condo, seasonal home or apartment, watercraft and car with custom coverage limits.

Your home is your very own oasis. We help to protect your way of life. Intact Prestige offers four specialized home insurance products: homeowner, condominium, tenant and seasonal home. Choose from custom options to meet your unique needs such as high limits, Cyber Protection, Enhanced Water Damage Protection and more.

Your vehicle is your road to success, so naturally you want to protect it according to the highest standards in the industry. Speak to an Intact Prestige broker to learn more about personalized auto insurance coverage and our flexible options.

Love to explore off-road? Intact Prestige also insures motor homes, quads and snowmobiles.

Sail on the open water aboard the boat of your choice and let us take care of the rest. We insure a variety of watercrafts, from sailboats, motorboats to personal watercrafts. Your personalized boat insurance coverage includes emergency towing, mechanical breakdown, guaranteed replacement cost, as well as rewards for mitigation efforts, and other features.

With Intact Prestige, your carefully curated assets are protected with a tailor-made plan that you and your broker will develop together. Your items are protected so that the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying them!

Seeing your loved ones thrive is the most important part of your life. With Intact Prestige, you can protect your loved ones from modern-day threats and enjoy the precious people around you without a hint of worry, with our Cyber Protection, Personal Legal Expense, and Prestige Guard protections.

These extra protections are included in your Intact Prestige primary residence home insurance package, so you can live your life to the fullest without fear.

Visit the Intact Prestige website to learn more about our custom coverage options.


How do I request a quote with Intact Prestige?

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To request a quote or contact an Intact Prestige broker, please fill out the online request form on the Intact Prestige website:

How do I submit a claim with Intact Prestige?

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The Intact Prestige claims service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply contact them at 1-844-613-7794. You will have access to a team of claims adjusters dedicated to Intact Prestige customers as well as Intact Prestige suppliers of record. Your claims will be settled without a hitch.

Does Intact Prestige offer custom value limits?

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Absolutely. Intact Prestige has personalized value limits and coverage that takes the uniqueness of your belongings into account. Your broker will assist you in crafting tailored coverage for your valuables and more.

Does Intact Prestige offer cyber protection?

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Intact Prestige’s primary residence coverage includes insurance protection and response services against cyber attacks, data theft, online fraud and extortion. So you can enjoy all your devices with peace of mind.

Is my home protected from water damage with Intact Prestige?

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As an Intact Prestige customer, you can benefit from additional protection against water damage, such as water infiltration, flooding and sewer backup, depending on eligibility. Your home retains its value over time.