With us, you stay in the driver's seat. Get a car insurance quote and the right protection for your needs.

  • Personalized car insurance premium
    Get car insurance that’s priced for you with my Drive™ along with free access to helpful features in the app.1,2
  • Roadside assistance
    Get help fast, when you need it. Drive worry-free with roadside assistance. Available at a competitive price, you can add roadside assistance to your auto insurance policy to get help on the road anywhere in Canada and the United States.3
  • Support from Canada’s biggest claims team
    No one wants to be involved in an accident. In the event it happens, and if you need to make an auto insurance claim, our team will do its best to make sure the process is as quick and easy as possible.


Have the right car insurance when you take the wheel and drive worry-free. Our auto insurance will provide options to obtain the coverage best suited to you and your particular vehicle, regardless of whether it is used, new, an SUV, a sedan, or another car type.

Liability, Bodily Injury and Property Damage Coverage protects you if you're responsible for injuring someone or damaging someone else's property in a car accident.

Direct Compensation Property Damage Coverage may cover damages to your vehicle and its contents if another driver is at fault.

Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage may compensate you if you, your passengers, or pedestrians are injured in a car collision, regardless of responsibility. Accident Benefits can be increased to match your individual requirements. For additional information, please contact your broker.

Uninsured Automobile Coverage may protect you in two instances. First, if you are injured in a crash by a driver who does not have car insurance. Second, if you are unable to identify the vehicle; for instance, if you were the victim of a hit and run.


Various levels of physical damage coverage for your vehicle are available, depending on how much protection and coverage you want for your car: 

  • Specified Perils Coverage: Covers your vehicle against a limited number of predetermined risks, like theft, some natural disasters, hail, riots or civil disturbances.  
  • Collision or Upset Coverage: If damages are caused to your car because you've crashed into something (like a light post, guardrail, or another vehicle), Collision or Upset coverage could cover the cost of those repairs. You may just have to pay the deductible. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers the expenses to fix the damage to your vehicle from unpredictable circumstances such as fire, theft, vandalism, or some natural disasters. 
  • All Perils protection: A combination of Comprehensive coverage and Collision or Upset Coverage.

Car owners in Ontario

Make sure all your drives, whether short or long, are stress-free. Get a car insurance quote online today or reach out to your broker.
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Get tailored car insurance coverage in Ontario

Are you trying to get home to Oakville after a day in the office in downtown Toronto? Or perhaps you're heading up to northern Ontario for a cabin getaway in Thunder Bay. Wherever you are in Ontario, you should have auto insurance coverage that suits you. From Windsor to Ottawa and every city and town in between, new and seasoned drivers can insure their car at a competitive price.

  • Why should you get car insurance coverage in Ontario
    If you own a car in Ontario, you are required by law to obtain auto insurance. Consider car insurance as a protection, should anything happen to your vehicle. In Ontario, vehicle repair can be very costly. Your car insurance will come in handy and help protect your vehicle – and finances – as a result of damage to your car. In cases where you can be held liable for any costs incurred as a result of any harm or damage to others while driving, car insurance may be there to help you should you need it.
  • Ways to save on car insurance coverage in Ontario
    Car insurance is mandatory for all drivers in Ontario so make sure you take advantage of these ways to save on your car insurance policy. Here are some of our recommendations:
    • Combining your home and car insurance policies
    • Enrolling in my Drive™ to get personalized car insurance
    • Owning an electric or hybrid car
    • Reducing your insurance cost by owning a vehicle that is less expensive to insure
    • Remaining a safe driver and limit driving violations
    • Taking a driving course
    • Increasing your deductibles

If you have any questions about your car insurance premium, don’t hesitate to reach out to your broker.

Programs and add-ons

If you have specific needs or want the most competitive offer, take advantage of our programs and endorsements. To learn more, ask your broker or or get a car insurance quote.4


my Drive™

Get a personalized car insurance premium with my Drive and access a set of helpful features in the app. Activate my Drive today!



Combine your home and auto policies to get the best value for your money and enjoy exclusive benefits.


Roadside assistance

Drive worry-free with roadside assistance from Intact Insurance. Get help fast, when you need it.

Claims advantage

Claims advantage

The event you are a victim of a hit and run causing damage to your vehicle over $1,000 or it is a total loss, your deductible will be waived.

Minor conviction rating waiver

Minor conviction rating waiver

Have peace of mind knowing your first minor conviction, such as a speeding ticket, won't affect your premium.

Plus pac

Plus Pac

Automobile physical damage extension package Plus Pac extends your protections. Enjoy coverage for a replacement rental vehicle in the event of an insured loss, coverage for damages you may cause to a rental vehicle in Canada and the United States as well as roadside assistance.


Bundle and save in Ontario!

Combine your home and auto insurance policies to save up to 650$5 on your insurance. Get a bundle insurance quote today.

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  • my Drive™
    Get a personalized car insurance premium with my Drive™ and access a set of helpful features in the app. Activate my Drive today!
  • Bundle your home and car insurance
    Get the best value for your money by bundling your home and car insurance together!
  • Theft alarms
    You have a tracking system, intensive vehicle marking system or a fuel disabling device on your car? Eligible vehicles with a professionally installed device can benefit from a discount on certain coverages.
  • More ways to save
    You own multiple vehicles and insure them with Intact Insurance? Is your car electric or hybrid? You currently attend a post-secondary institution as a full-time student? Did you complete a registered driving course? Are you retired? It could help you save!


How can I get a discount on car insurance in Ontario?

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There are numerous ways for you to save on your car insurance premium:

  • Bundle your house and car insurance to save on both policies
  • Enrol in my Drive™ to get a personalized car insurance premium
  • Add an approved anti-theft device to your vehicle

Can I buy car insurance online in Ontario?

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You can get a car insurance quote online with Intact Insurance in Ontario. Then, the contract is finalized over the phone. It’s that simple!

What qualifies as a classic car for insurance purposes in Ontario?

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In Ontario, a classic car is at least 15 years old and hasn't been tampered or modified in any way.

Can I drive a car without insurance if I just bought it in Ontario?

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No. When buying a car, you need to have car insurance for that vehicle. Before officially purchasing it, you must let your insurance broker know on what date you will take possession of your car to ensure that the policy will be active when you first take to the road.

How much does it cost to add a teenager to my car insurance policy in Ontario?

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Adding your teenager as an occasional driver to your insurance policy is quite simple. Simply reach out to your broker to request adding your son or daughter to your car insurance. They will add them to your car insurance and inform you of any changes to your insurance premium, if any.

What type of car insurance do you provide?

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Based on the amount of protection you want from your auto insurance; you may pick from a variety of coverage options regardless of the type of vehicle you are going to insure:

  • You could be protected by Collision and Upset Coverage against the expense of repairing damage to your car that results from collisions with other cars or obstacles like guardrails.
  • Comprehensive coverage may provide coverage against perils other than Collision and Upset and protects you against the cost of repairing damage to your car caused by unforeseen events like arson, robbery, graffiti, or natural catastrophes.

Only particular risks, like theft, natural catastrophes, rioting, or civil unrest are covered by Special Perils Coverage.

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Talk to a broker in Ontario

It can be a challenge to find the right type of coverage you need on your own. That’s why we have over 2,000 broker relationships across Canada. Insurance brokers are highly skilled in assessing your insurance needs and offer the right coverage for your situation and budget. Call a broker today to talk about your needs and get a quote.

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Get a car insurance quote in Ontario

Have the right protection when tackling the twists and turns of the highway. Find the best auto insurance policy for your needs, starting with getting an auto insurance quote. Getting an auto insurance quote is the first step to protecting your vehicle.