Your house is more than a home. Let our home insurance coverage safeguard your home with the right coverage for your needs.

  • Tailored house insurance
    We provide house insurance that is perfectly suited to your home and that fits your lifestyle. We also provide a selection of add-ons, programs and endorsements if you need special coverage.
  • Outstanding claims experience
    Take advantage of the excellent 24/7 support with the largest claims team in Canada, whenever you need it most.
  • Some of the most generous coverage on the market
    Get peace of mind with a single limit of insurance covering all your property and up to $2,000,000 in personal liability coverage.1
  • Bundle your house and car insurance
    Get the best value for your money with insurance bundles and take advantage of exclusive benefits.


Home is where your heart is. Get homeowner's insurance coverage to protect what you value the most. With Intact Insurance, you will benefit from protections that fit your lifestyle. Make yourself at home!

Covers damages to your house itself and its attached structures as well as other permanently installed structures on your property.

Homeowner’s insurance covers damages to personal property such as:

  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Appliances such as oven, fridge and stove
  • Bicycles
  • TVs and other electronics

Protecting your home means covering any additional buildings on the outside as well. Our home insurance covers buildings and structures detached from your primary living area. These detached structures can include:

  • Detached garages
  • Gazebos
  • Sheds
  • Boathouses

Covers additional living expenses you incur if you cannot stay in your home during repairs while it is being repaired due to a covered loss as well as hotels and food that you'll need during that time. 

Protects you and your family members if sued and are legally liable for someone unintentional damage to the property of others or caused them bodily injury. Under this protection you’ll be able to cover potential: 

  • Medical bills to treat someone else’s injuries
  • Legal expenses related to your defence
  • Costs to repair or replace damage to someone else’s property

Home insurance for Ontario homeowners

Protect your largest investment and get your quote for your Ontario home insurance coverage online, by phone or through your broker quickly.
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Get house coverage in Ontario

Home is where you create our most treasured memories. Be it your first home in Toronto, Ottawa, Sudbury or a family home in Mississauga, or another suburb in the GTA, get a home insurance coverage designed just for you. Get tailored home insurance coverage for your home in Ontario, at a competitive price.

  • Why get house insurance in Ontario
    One of the most significant investments you'll make is your home. And, with property values in Ontario skyrocketing, you'll want to safeguard your investment. If something unexpected happens to your home such as a fire, a windstorm, or flooding after a downpour, house insurance will help you restore or rebuild so you can go back to building memories in the place you love.
  • Saving on home insurance in Ontario
    Do yourself a favour and get the best price for your needs for your home insurance. Some ways to help lower your insurance premium are:
    • Researching what type of insurance coverage works best for your needs
    • Suiting your home with an alarm system
    • Bundling your home insurance with auto insurance
    • Speaking with your broker to get insight into potential discounts you may qualify for. 

At Intact Insurance, we can help you get the most competitive price and the best coverage for your needs.

Programs and add-ons

If you have specific needs or want the most competitive offer, take advantage of our programs and endorsements. To learn more, ask your broker or get a get a house insurance quote.2

Sos Identity

my identityTM

Get access to a 24-hour line to get advice from experts and personalized legal support if you need advice about identity theft, landlord-tenant disputes, family law, employment law and cyber security breaches. It also provides coverage for expenses incurred if you are victim of a cyber-attack and cyber extortion.


Enhanced water damage package

Water is the main threat to your home. Enhanced water damage package protects you if water enters your home: sewer back-up, water and sewer lines, overland water and ground water.

Lifestyle advantage

Lifestyle advantage

The choice is yours. With no obligation to rebuild, you have the freedom to change your lifestyle. You could rebuild or downsize and keep any leftover money.

Claims advantage

Claims advantage

Benefit from a claims-free rating protection for your first loss and a deductible waiver up to $1,000 on your first eligible loss.


Travel insurance

You may be covered for certain emergencies when you’re away from your home. From medical bills to help with language barriers, have the coverage and support you need.

My extras

my Extras®

Enjoy additional coverage to protect your passions and valuable assets such as your garden, jewellery, bicycles, watercraft, securities and rental sports equipment. We protect what matters most to you!


Complementary liability umbrella insurance

Personal liability umbrella coverage will protect your assets against certain lawsuits and cover your legal expenses and loss of income while preparing your legal defence.


Bundle and save in Ontario!

Bundle and save! Combine your home and auto insurance policies to save up to 650$3 on your insurance. Get a bundle insurance quote today.

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  • Alarm systems
    Have an alarm system in your home? Whether its locally monitored by yourself or by a central for fire and theft, you could save on your insurance premium!
  • Water safety devices
    If you have installed water flow devices with automatic shut off valves or if there is a water sensor system with three or more sensors and an automatic shut off valve in in your home, you could get a discount.4
  • There’s more ways to save
    Haven’t had a claim in over a year? You’re mortgage-free? You’re a non-smoker? Haven’t moved house over the last years? With Intact Insurance, it could help you save!


How much does house insurance cost in Ontario?

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When calculating your premium, various factors are taken into consideration. Some examples include: 

  • The location of your home 
  • The age and condition of your home
  • The number of years you have lived in that home 
  • If your home is built for or used by more than one family 
  • How your home is heated 
  • Proximity to fire-fighting support 
  • The type of coverage you chose
  • The number of claims you have made in the past 

Get a quote now to get your homeowners insurance premium at a competitive price or reach out to your insurance broker if you have any questions about the cost of your house insurance premium.

Is it mandatory to have house insurance in Ontario?

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In Ontario, home insurance isn’t mandatory. However, most banks and mortgage loaners will expect you have a house insurance policy as part of the financing agreement.

How much is house insurance in Ontario monthly?

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On a monthly basis, home insurance in Ontario is determined based on your home’s location and its value as well as numerous other factors. It can vary depending on the location of your home, its age and condition, and other factors. See the question above for more details on how your insurance premium is calculated.

Are house insurance premiums going up in Ontario?

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Home insurance coverage options have generally increased by 5 percent as of 2022 in Ontario. One of the primary reasons for this is extreme weather conditions due to climate change, causing more homes to take weather-related damages.

Does house insurance cost more if you have a mortgage?

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Yes. The number of mortgages registered against the property is considered when defining your insurance premium, and there are savings for properties that are mortgage free. Read the questions above for further details, talk to your broker or get a home insurance quote today to get your house insurance premium.

Can I claim a broken fence on my homeowner's insurance?

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It depends on your home insurance policy and other factors: the reasons why the fence was broken and if it is covered by an insured peril in your policy. If it is covered, outside structures can be claimed on your house insurance policy. You can submit a claim online using our online services, or by calling 1-866-464-2424. If you are unsure about your insurance coverage, call your broker.

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Talk to a broker in Ontario

It can be a challenge to find the right type of coverage you need on your own. That’s why we have over 2,000 broker relationships across Canada. Insurance brokers are highly skilled in assessing your insurance needs and offer the right coverage for your situation and budget. Call a broker today to talk about your needs and get a quote.

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Get a homeowner’s insurance quote

Your house is your home. Find the right coverage for your needs by contacting a broker, by calling us or by getting a house insurance quote online. Getting a house insurance quote is the first step to protecting your most important asset.