Six tips for great vacation road trips in Quebec

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Once again this summer, it’ll be easier for Quebecers to travel in La Belle Province rather than go abroad. From Pontiac County cider mills to the Gaspé Peninsula’s cliffs, from Eastern Townships golf courses to the North Shore coastline and Old Quebec’s historic buildings, there are plenty of tourist attractions in Quebec for every taste. Here are a few tips for a memorable vacation ― for all the right reasons!
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Setting off for just the weekend or for the whole month of August? Once you’ve checked the latest public health recommendations and requirements, and booked a campground or SÉPAQ park or at an inn, hotel or other vacation rental via Bonjour Québec, all that’s left is to load up your luggage. Or is it?

Bring snacks for the road

There’s nothing more enjoyable than stopping at a small village bakery or a market gardener's stand on the edge of a country road to sample fresh local produce. But don’t forget to pack a few snacks in case you get really hungry when you're on a ferry or far from the nearest store! 

Take your own drinks too

The same reasoning – even more so – applies to drinks. Water at highway rest stops is not always safe to drink, so take your own bottle from home and refill it whenever you can. Also, take one reusable cup per person for coffee, tea, milk or juice, if that’s allowed by the public health authorities.

Schedule rest stops

According to the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec, driver fatigue causes an average of 78 deaths and over 8,500 injuries per year in Quebec. Although some fatigue-related accidents happen at night, others occur in the morning or mid-afternoon – at times when our inner clock thinks we should be resting. So make frequent stops. Take folding or outdoor chairs, or a parachute expedition hammock, plus some reading material for these necessary breaks at highway rest stops. And be realistic about your estimated travel time – roadwork delays can spring out of nowhere!

Set your priorities before you leave

Spontaneity is great, but you need to book ahead for some of your favourite activities. Download guidebooks for the regions you plan to visit and pick out the attractions you absolutely don't want to miss. Note (and double-check) the hours of operation and prevailing public health measures. Do these change in the off-season? Are there picnic tables onsite? Do you have to book in advance? 

Carry a first-aid kit for yourself and another for your vehicle

Traveling off the beaten track is not risk-free. Take painkillers, adhesive bandages and antiseptic ointment, especially if you’re camping or hiking. Make sure you have face masks and hand sanitizer, as required by pandemic health regulations. Get car sickness medication for passengers, especially those in the back seat. And most importantly: check your spare tire and car tools!

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Whether it's to enjoy the beauty of Quebec's landscapes or to support the local economy, there are plenty of reasons to travel the highways and byways of La Belle Province. Hit the road with peace of mind knowing you’re properly protected: get a car insurance quote and right coverage for your needs from La Turquoise Damage Insurance Agency, and have a great vacation in Quebec!

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