Non-Standard Risks

Intact Insurance provides coverage for property risks that are more difficult to write due to the type of construction, occupancy, protection and/or exposure, loss experience, or class of business.

We consider a broad range of classes such as:

  • Non-renovated buildings over 30 years old, made of combustible materials
  • High-risk or vacant neighbouring properties or congested areas (bars, rooming houses, warehouses, etc.)
  • Premises with prior maintenance issues
  • Rooming houses or student residences
  • Apartment buildings with 25 or more units, or in an undesirable location
  • Non-standard heating systems
  • Premises with non-standard dust collection or lacking dust collection entirely
  • Premises with non-standard mounted fire extinguisher systems for cooking systems, or lacking systems entirely
  • Restaurants less than five years in business and street food vendors
  • Bars without dancing or shows
  • Buildings with historical heritage value
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