Business insurance for transportation professionals and commercial storage

Keeping people’s goods secure is your livelihood. But how do you protect yourself if you’re a transport or storage business? We’ve got you covered with business insurance coverage tailored for transportation businesses and storage businesses.

Whether you warehouse goods for others or manage third-party logistics operations, there are some insurance risk coverages you should consider, including:

Commercial property insurance for warehousing

No matter if you operate your business from a truck depot, a dispatch center, you own several warehouses or operate a refrigerated warehouse, commercial property insurance can keep you protected from property losses, such as theft, vandalism, fire, and damage to tools or equipment you need to continue operating your business.

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Commercial general liability insurance

Commercial general liability insurance can cover you against claims for injury or property damage to others arising from your transportation or warehousing activities. For example, if improper maintenance of a storage facility damages the neighbouring building or injures someone, you may be covered. You’ll be able to keep your business protected and move forward with reassurance.

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Commercial vehicle insurance tailored to transportation businesses

Being on the road is part of the job when you run a moving company, drive a taxicab, transport cargo for customers or tow their vehicles when they break down. You need business insurance that fits your needs and keeps your commercial vehicles on the road. From commercial tow trucks and box trucks to taxis and limousines, you’ll be able to drive business growth with confidence with tailored commercial vehicle insurance.

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Equipment breakdown insurance

Downtime is expensive. Protect your business from breakdowns. Vital equipment that isn’t covered under your property insurance can be protected with equipment breakdown coverage. This can include things such as a refrigeration compressor motor for cold storage warehouse. Don’t let equipment breakdowns spell disaster for your business.

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Cross-border warehousing coverage

Good business is where you find it. Sometimes that means conducting business across national borders. As a Canadian company, you may find yourself expanding into the United States. That’s why Intact Insurance offers you ironclad protection with coverage that addresses cross-border gaps and limits within your Canadian business insurance policy.

That means if your warehouse in the U.S. is damaged in a fire, and your local American insurance policy only partially covers the damage, this coverage can possibly bridge the difference in damage limits.

Intact Insurance prides itself on helping Canadian businesses grow and flourish and our cross-border warehousing coverage was designed to help you expand without fear.

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Trade Credit

Accounts receivables can be one of your largest assets and whether your customer has formally filed for bankruptcy or is significantly delaying payment, the effects on your cash flow and balance sheet can be severe. Trade Credit Insurance provides an additional line of defense for your balance sheet and ensures you get paid for the goods and services you supply.

Our Trade Credit products have been designed to mitigate the risks of non-payment and to provide specialty coverage wherever our clients are positioned in the supply chain. All of our policies are assigned a dedicated underwriter and are backed by our online policy management system.

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Should you be considering insurance coverage for your warehousing or transportation business?

Warehousing insurance and transportation insurance is an expansive coverage category and can be applied to numerous industries and situations. If you operate any one of these businesses, you need to consider investing in the right coverage:

  • Commercial warehouse operator
  • Public storage warehouse owner
  • Taxi fleet owner
  • Limousine fleet owner
  • Long-haul trucker and trucking company owner
  • Refrigerated and cold storage warehouse operator
  • Towing company operator or tow truck driver
  • Courier business owner
  • Residential moving company or professional mover

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. Talk to a broker to see what kind of insurance coverages your transportation or warehousing business may need.

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