Multinational Solution

Intact Insurance offers compliant, tailored multinational solutions to help our clients navigate the complexity of different insurance markets in over 150 territories with over 130 global network partners around the world. The Global Network helps us to provide bespoke insurance solutions for large, complex national and international risks.

Our specialized underwriters create a customized approach for every risk and level of complexity, including the best risk management, efficient local policy issuance, jurisdictional inspection and engineering services, and claims processes. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge of territory-specific issues as well as market and industry complexities in every corner of the globe, and we pride ourselves on using this information to understand your business inside and out.

From resolving complex issues such as negotiating with local regulatory bodies to prompt local language documentation, fair settlement, and efficient local payment of claims, our Global Network provides a robust solution to your multinational business needs with a first-hand understanding of language, culture, and commerce.

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