Business insurance you can rely on

Here are some insurance coverages suited for professionals :

Errors and omissions

Every day, your clients rely on your advice and expertise. Professional liability insurance covers your liability for errors and omissions while providing your specific professional services to your clients. Examples of errors and omissions that would require professional liability include miscalculation of assets valuation, error in legal advice given to clients, design recommendations not fully compliant with standards all of which your clients suffer financial damages that they sue you for.

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Commercial property

Investments in office space add up quickly – prime real estate, furniture, supplies, art, technology, etc. Commercial property insurance may protect your property investments so that you can keep looking your best for your clients and employees, and keep business going after a covered peril, such as a fire or theft.

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Commercial general liability

Commercial general liability insurance helps protect you from liability claims arising at your place of business or as a result of your operations. In the event your business was held accountable for injuries to another person, advertising liability, or damage to another’s property, you may be covered.

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Commercial vehicles

Anything can happen on the road. If you drive back-and-forth from the office to your clients, commercial vehicle insurance may cover you, the drivers, and your vehicles in the event of a peril, such as a collision, theft, fire, vandalism, and more.

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Privacy breach

As a professional, you have access to sensitive and confidential information about your clients that can get misplaced or stolen, in which case your reputation and operations could be compromised. Privacy breach coverage gives you access to resources to help prevent breaches, assist with required reporting and notifications, and recover from the damages should a breach occur.

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