Making a claim

You’ll want to get your operations back on track as quickly as possible. And in three steps, we’ll help you get there.

Step 1: Call authorities and/or your broker

In case of vandalism, theft or other similar situations, law enforcement authorities should be contacted first and a police report should be prepared.

When you will speak to your broker, they will know the specifics of your policy coverage and will be able to advise you.

Step 2: Connect with us

Your broker can connect you. They can even stay on the line with you as you speak to one of our representatives. Or, call our 24/7 claims service line: 1-866-464-2424.

Step 3: Get your business back on track

Our Claims Representative will assist you in gathering all the information you need to proceed with your claim, and facilitate the process of getting you back on track.

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Find a broker near you

With a network of more than 6,000 broker offices across Canada, we’ll help you find a trusted advisor who understands your needs, so you’ll always get the right advice for your business.

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Submit or track a claim. We’ve got your back.