Solid business insurance for construction businesses

Here are some insurance coverages to consider for contractors and construction risks:

Commercial property

If you own or rent a space for your business, commercial property insurance can cover you for property losses, such as theft or damage of tools or equipment needing repair or replacement fast.

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Mobile property

Mobile property insurance can cover your property and equipment while in transit from one job site to another – property that isn’t stored at a fixed location or is routinely taken offsite.

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Commercial general liability

Commercial general liability insurance may cover you against claims for injury or property damage to others arising from your contractor or construction activities. For example, if improper maintenance of the construction site damaged the neighbouring building or injured someone, or if an electric, gas or water line is damaged during digging operations, you may be covered.

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Commercial vehicles

When contractors and construction businesses are on the road traveling from the shop to the job site and anywhere in-between, commercial vehicle insurance may cover your vehicles, so incidents don’t slow you down.

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Surety bonds

Before you’re awarded a project, big or small, you can be required to guarantee the fulfilment of your obligations with surety bonds.

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