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How do I make an online payment?

Need to make a payment? It’s easy with the Intact Insurance App or Client Centre.

Our tools are easy to use and help you manage your payments easily.
  • Make payments online anytime in the Client Centre or the Intact Insurance app. 
  • Track your payments and easily access your invoices. 
  • The online payment service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

You can pay your insurance bills whenever you want, 24/7. 

As soon as the payment is made, your balance is immediately updated.

Avoid missed payments by setting up pre-authorized payments on your credit card.

Step-by-step: Make a payment in Client Centre or the Intact Insurance app

Here's how in a few simple steps.

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Make a payment

With Intact Insurance app and Client centre, pay now online easily and securely!


Yes, you can pay through both Client Centre and the Intact Insurance App.

When you pay your insurance bills online with Intact Insurance, you must use credit and debit Visa and Mastercard. Prepaid credit cards are unfortunately not accepted.

To check your pre-authorized debit schedule, go to the Intact Insurance App home screen or the Client Centre home page and click on the Billing button or tab. There you can see the amounts and dates of your direct debits for each of your insurance contracts and view your account statements.

You could receive an error message in the following situations: 

  1. Mandatory information has not been entered in one or more fields: Please ensure that all required fields are completed before submitting your payment.
  2. Credit card information is invalid: Make sure you have correctly entered the card number, the name as it appears on the card, the expiry date and the CVV number (security code). Check that you have enough credit on your card to pay.
  3. The payment method is not accepted: Please note that the only cards accepted online by Intact Insurance are credit and debit Visa and Mastercard. Prepaid credit cards are unfortunately not accepted.
  4. A processing error has occurred: That can happen! Try again a little later.

You can change the amount in the Amount Payable box. Be sure to enter an amount greater than $0 and less than or equal to the amount to pay on your bill.