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Combine your home and auto insurance policies to save up to 650$1 on your insurance. Get a bundle insurance quote today.

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Programs and add-ons

Get the best coverage for your needs with home insurance endorsements. Take advantage of our programs and add-ons to tailor your coverage to your needs. To learn more, ask your broker or get a home insurance quote.2


What kind of home insurance do I need?

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The type of home insurance you require depends on multiple factors. Are you the owner of the home or are you renting it? Is your home a separate structure on a private lot, or do you share the structure with neighbours, like a duplex? Is your home located near a large body of water or a forest? All of these factors can help determine what kind of home insurance is best for you.

Call an insurance broker near you to discuss your insurance needs and what kind of coverage is best for your living situation.

How is my home insurance premium calculated?

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Several factors are used to determine your home insurance premium: the location of your home, its age and condition, the number of years you’ve lived in that home, the heating type, the proximity to firefighting support, if you operate a small business from your dwelling, if you chose to add endorsements to your policy, the number of claims you have made in the past, etc. If you have questions about your home insurance premium, reach out to your broker.

Does my home insurance cover flooding?

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Typically, home insurance does not cover flooding. An additional endorsement can be added to your home insurance policy to cover flooding. With an enhanced water damage add-on, and depending on your type of dwelling, you can get coverage for flooding caused by sewer backup, water and sewer lines, and overland water. To avoid flooding in your home, apply preventive measures such as the installation of a sewer back-up prevention device. For any questions about water damage protection, speak to your broker.

How can I get a home insurance quote?

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Whether you wish to ensure your condo, your apartment or your house, you can easily get a quote online, by calling us or through your insurance broker. Get the right coverage in just a few clicks. Because it's never just stuff.

What does home insurance cover?

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Home insurance protection varies according to your home type and the endorsements added to a policy. It typically covers your personal property and belongings, your civil liability and the dwelling building. Visit the pages dedicated to each product to learn more about home insurance coverages and available endorsements. To define the coverage needed for your home and to ensure that your protections meet your lifestyle, talk to your broker.

What’s the difference between home insurance and insurance for renters?

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As a homeowner, the structure of the house belongs to you, and you are responsible for any maintenance that may result from a covered incident. A renter or tenant does not have this problem. That falls under the responsibility of the landlord and their insurance. A tenant insurance policy is therefore created to protect the renter’s personal property within the dwelling from covered incidents along with personal liability coverage. Home insurance coverage includes coverages for damage to the structure of your home that could set you back financially.

What’s the difference between condo insurance and home insurance?

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Home insurance and condo insurance appear to be very similar at first glance. They both include coverages that help protect the contents of your home, your personal property, the structure of the home, and personal liability coverage.  

Where condo insurance and home insurance differ is related to the structure of your home and how claims are processed. Because a condo is a separate unit that you own within a shared building, damage that affects your unit can spill over to neighbouring units and common areas. In certain scenarios, a condominium insurance claim may involve the condo corporation and other unit owners. The rest of the building is typically covered by the condo’s policy, which the condo corporation takes care of using funds collected from condo fees. Don’t hesitate to speak to an insurance broker for more information!

How can I submit a home insurance claim online?

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  1. On your smartphone, launch the Intact Insurance App. Tap "Claims" on the main screen, then click "Submit a home claim."
  2. Choose the category of damage for which you want to file a claim. Select "Other" and explain the occurrence if none of the choices apply to it.
  3. Then, you'll be asked for further information regarding the incident.
  4. Enter information about the incident's date and time of occurrence.
  5. Verify your contact information since your claims adjuster will use it to get in touch with you and move the claims process along.
  6. Check the permission box and click "Submit claim" to finish. Within the following business day, a claims adjuster will call you to discuss your home claim and answer any questions you may have. They'll walk you through the following stages and fill in any blanks.

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Whether for rental or for your family, a property is a home. Find the best coverage for your needs by contacting a broker, calling us, or getting a home insurance quote online. Getting a home insurance quote is the first step to protecting what matters most to you.