Why Oversharing on Social Media Might be Overrated

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While on vacation, sharing photos of your trip with friends in Costa Rica or your all-inclusive Disney resort on social media can be tempting. But be careful, this may not be the best idea!
Why oversharing on social media might be overrated 1

study carried out among 50 ex-burglars in the United Kingdom showed that 78% of them used social media to locate houses whose owners were absent. In Canada, organized burglary networks have been targeting properties for several years in search of valuable objects.

If you're not careful, the trace you leave on social media can become a valuable source of information for someone with malicious intent: your place of residence, your valuables, your movements, an absence from your home, etc.

Concerned? Follow our guide to protect yourself from theft during your vacation.

Social media and break-ins: top mistakes to avoid

1. Revealing your address

Never post photos of the facade of your residence or any detail that could give a clear indication of where you live (such as the door number). Maybe you just moved into your new home, and it’s understandable that you want to share the good news with everyone! Just remember that this is also excellent news for burglars.

Are you listing your apartment for rent on Marketplace or Kijiji? Just indicate the sector without providing the full address. This will help you avoid making the inventory of all your valuables and your place of residence available to people with bad intentions.

Break-ins are not just a virtual danger

Break-ins and burglaries have increased since 2022 in Canada. The numbers we know are undoubtedly below reality, since most burglaries are not reported to the police . Large cities like Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are most at risk: these cities top the list in terms of the number of break-ins committed and the ratio per capita.

2. Reporting your location

Avoid letting the world know your location by doing “check-ins” or using the geolocation features of social media platforms every time you move. Sharing a live post where you show your current location is a habit you should stop. Remember that if your profiles are public, their data is too!

Also check your cell phone settings to make sure the geolocation feature is not permanently enabled. A simple photo could help locate you, thanks to the GPS data contained in the file.

3. Sharing travel photos… during your trip

Nothing tells a burglar more clearly that your home is unattended than a shot of your toes in the sand of Punta Cana. Wait until you return to share your memories, like in the good old days. You will protect yourself from anyone who could take advantage of your absence to relieve you of your valuables.

4. Flaunting your wealth on social media

Have you decided to treat yourself to the watch of your dreams or to start a contemporary art collection? It would be wise to avoid displaying it on your accounts, even if they are private. After all, you would never share your bank account statement!

Reminder: check that your valuable possessions are covered at their fair value on your home insurance.

By avoiding these four mistakes , you can steer clear of leaving any clues for burglars and enjoy your trip with peace of mind!

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