Having a smart home is just plain smart

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The home of the future is no longer a dream. Today, there are countless products on the market with wireless capabilities, allowing you to control the lighting, music or heat in your home with a single touch or simple voice command. You can even wake up every morning to the sweet smell of a latte prepared just the way you like it! In fact, Marty McFly’s futuristic home in Back to the Future Part II is closer than you might think.
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But did you know that beyond enhancing your comfort, domotics can also improve your home’s security—and even save you money?

Detect and prevent damage

How many cases of water damage might have been avoided had the leak been detected sooner? Leak sensors installed in strategic locations can alert you when water infiltrates your home from outside or through a floor drain. If the leak is from your plumbing or an appliance, sensors can even shut off your main water supply automatically and send you an alert by email or on your phone—which means you can go about your day with peace of mind.

The same logic applies to smart smoke detectors. They quickly alert you to the presence of smoke, flames or carbon monoxide before it’s too late. These devices are a must for anyone with a wood or gas fireplace.

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Reduce the risk of burglary

Do you often forget to lock your doors when you leave the house? Not to worry—with a smart lock, you can use your phone to lock up remotely. This device also comes in handy when friends or family are visiting. What’s more, smart sensors and Internet-connected cameras installed at your home’s entry points can alert you when someone tries to break in.

Lower your electricity bill

Smart thermostats and lighting timers help you take charge of your heating and lighting and allow you control them remotely. They let you easily adjust the temperature and turn off the lights after you’ve left the house—a great way to reduce your energy consumption and save money!

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What is domotics?

Domotics (or smart home technology) is a contraction of the Latin word for home, “domus,” and “robotics.” It connects devices to the Internet so that they can interact, which allows us to control them using a smartphone, tablet, or virtual assistant.

Welcome to the smart home era

Of course, we’re only scratching the surface. Today, almost every device in your home can be connected to the Internet and controlled remotely, from fridges and curtains to robotic vacuums and garage doors. If domotics intrigues you, there are tons of options to explore.

Smart savings

Speaking of saving money, a smart home could help lower your home insurance premium. We offer discounts when you outfit your home with certain smart objects such as an intrusion alarm system or water leak sensors.