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Make your move

Young adults are on the move this summer, whether they’re renting their first apartment or buying a new house. But how to prepare for this major milestone? Intact has it all covered.

Bust a move without busting your budget

First, you need to figure out what you can afford, so it’s time to make a budget. You have to consider your housing or rental costs, public transportation or car costs, groceries, utility bills, cell phone, pet care, clothing, memberships and subscriptions, entertainment, student loans, travel expenses, etc. You should have realistic expectations and not live beyond your means. Carrying credit card debt from one month to the next can become very costly. If you can’t afford something, wait to buy it.

Now the challenging part—finding a new place! You may want to stay in your current neighbourhood or explore somewhere new. And though it may be more convenient to visit a place in the evening, it’s also a good idea to drop by during the day. That way you’ll know how much natural light there is.

Happy lesbian couple furnishing their new home

No question is too small

When you’ve finally narrowed your search to a few places, take the time to check everything out and ask lots of questions. For example, ask about the heating and electricity and scope out how much storage there is. See our apartment checklist for pointers on what to look for.

Now that you’re down to your most essential—and favourite—belongings, it’s time to make sure they’re protected. Get the right tenant, condo or house insurance, or update your existing insurance policy. Your broker will help with any changes and make sure that you’re adequately covered at every stage of the move. If you’re a student moving away for school, you may still be covered by your parents’ insurance. No matter your situation, here are some handy tips on how to save on your home insurance.

Happy moving!

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