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Coming together under one roof

Moving in with another person is exciting and a pretty big deal. What are the serious discussions you need to have before signing a lease together or moving into your partner’s existing home? Not to worry! Intact is here to help.

Shared lives, shared spaces

Whether it’s with a roommate or a romantic partner, there’s a lot to consider when choosing to live with someone for the first time. You might always have fun when you hang out but living together is completely different. How compatible are you really? There are so many things to talk about together, including:

  • Which neighbourhood will you live in?
  • What’s the budget?
  • Who’s going to pay for what?
  • How will you split up the household chores?
  • Can you live with each other’s mess?

If possible, do a trial run for a month. That way, there’s still an opportunity to make other plans if things don’t work out.

At Stylish Home Apartment: Happy Gay Couple Play with Their Dog, Gorgeous Brown Labrador Retriever. Boyfriends Tease, Pet and Scratch Super Happy Doggy, Have Fun in the Living Room Flat.

What each person brings to the table—including the table!

There’s your stuff and their stuff, so the insurance coverage needs to be adjusted depending on the living situation and where you call home. Rules vary from province to province, so be sure to contact a broker for more specific information. You can also ask about additional coverage for expensive belongings to make sure they’re sufficiently protected. Find out more about insuring your valuables.

Tenant insurance doesn’t always cover your roommate’s belongings. Depending on where you live, each person may have to have their own insurance policy to protect their things against damage, theft or liability. Start by making a list of all your possessions and what they’re worth—it’s also a great idea to take pictures of everything. For more info, everything you need to know is right here

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