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Our systems will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on the evening of Saturday, February 18 to Sunday, February 19.  Services will be established on February 19. If you need to report a claim during the scheduled maintenance, we can be reached at 1-866-464-2424. To get a quote, please call. If you’d like to access our online tools, including the Client Centre and mobile app, please check back at a later time.

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Intact Insurance's automatic dialer numbers

Intact Insurance uses automatic dialers to provide customer service and support for select initiatives. Customer’s receiving an inbound call from any of the numbers listed below, or other areas of our website, may see the call display appear as Intact Insurance, Intact Financial Company, or unknown number/caller. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the phone numbers we use to contact, service and support customers:


Online quote tools

Intact Insurance and participating brokers use online (web) tools to help customers understand their insurance needs. In some instances, these customers request or receive a call from one of our representatives to review a quote with them over the phone. 

Phone numbers used for personal home and auto online quotes

Phone numbers used for commercial auto and small enterprise online quotes

Email follow-up

If we are unsuccessful contacting customers by email to alert them of a policy change or updated renewal status, we follow-up by phone to validate or update the contact information on file.

Phone number used

Bundling services

We contact current Intact customers who may benefit by grouping/bundling additional vehicles or property on their policy for additional savings.

Phone number used

Technical and app support

We contact current Intact customers who have not yet connected on our Client Centre or my Drive platforms, to offer them dedicated technical support with logging in.

Client Centre

Client Centre gives customers access to their policy documents, billing statements, real-time claims tracking and more, all at their fingertips.

Client Centre numbers used

my Drive

my Drive is a usage-based program available through Intact Assurance Mobile App that rewards drivers for good driving behaviour. Our simple courtesy call is to remind customers to activate their my Drive program in order to maintain their programs benefits

my Drive numbers used


In partnership with the Fédération de l'Âge D'Or du Québec (FADOQ), we contact federation members to see if they are interested in receiving a quote from Intact. FADOQ members are eligible for special discounts and coverages. 

Phone number used

High risk weather pattern alerts

Heavy snowfall and buildup on rooftops can be catastrophic. When the forecast is predicting potentially dangerous amounts of snow accumulation, Intact will call to alert these commercial customers of the added risk.

Phone number used

Theft Prevention

We contact customers who own vehicles that industry data suggests are at extremely high risk of theft. These calls are to discuss the options available to the customer to help protect their vehicle from being stolen.

Phone number used