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How do I submit a claim online?

Submit a claim with ease with the Intact Insurance App or Client Centre!

Why submit an auto or home insurance claim online?

Enjoy a convenient, helpful and human process

Enjoy a convenient, helpful and human process. Insurance isn’t about things, it’s about people.

For speed and ease

For speed and ease – the Intact Insurance app guides you step by step through the claim submission process.

To track your claim status

To track your claim status – the Intact Insurance app also makes it easy to communicate with the claims team – by chat, for instance!

Upload claim-related documents

You can easily upload claim-related documents (photos, receipts and more) that the claims team will use to support your claim.

Step-by-step: Submitting a car claim online

Step-by-step: Submitting a home claim online

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No matter what happens, we’ve got your back.

In the event of a claim, we help you get through the insurance claims process as quickly and easily as possible. 


The app works on iOS 12 and above or Androids 7.0 and above. Update your phone's software regularly to maximize compatibility.

Yes, but since your file and other information are saved, you can quickly find them again by logging back into the app. We have extremely high security standards for managing our clients' data. You can see this for yourself and be reassured by reading the Privacy Promise on our website.

No worries! Simply download the app again, and your information will appear the next time you log in. 

Digital documents in the Intact Insurance App and Client Centre are protected against tampering and counterfeiting. Our apps do not provide access to any data without your explicit consent.

When you renew or make changes to your policy, the changes will appear the next business day in the app and widget. 

If you have the Wallet app, visit the Car or Documents section of the app and select "Add to Apple Wallet" to get the latest version. When you add the widget to your iPhone or Android device or use the Wallet app, you can access your digital proof of insurance even when you're offline.

To be on the safe side, always keep a paper copy of your insurance policy in your vehicle. The law also requires you to be able to show proof of insurance when behind the wheel.

No, it isn’t mandatory to provide photos when you submit a claim online. However, it is recommended as you can speed up the claim review process by submitting your photos from the start. The claims adjuster assigned to your file will then request additional photos as needed. It is also possible to add photos once the claim has been submitted on the app, Client centre or by phone.

Your photos will help us assess the extent of your vehicle’s damages.

Yes! If you already have photos and documents on your gallery you would like to share with your claims adjuster, you can upload them by clicking on ‘Add files’.

Yes, you can submit a business insurance claim via our online forms. Visit the following link to access the forms

Auto claims:

You can use the Intact Insurance App or Client Centre to submit an auto claim for damage caused by collision, hit-and-run, theft, vandalism, loss of cargo, fire, or windstorm, among others. If the category of your incident is not listed, don’t worry! You can submit your claim in the “Other” category. Our claim online tool allows you to provide more details to better understand what happened.

Home claims: 

You can use the Intact Insurance App to submit a home claim for damage caused by water, windstorm, theft, fire, an accident, hail, collapsed or damaged structure, lost or misplaced belonging and vandalism. Similarly, you can submit other types of damages in the “Other” category. Our claim online tool allows you to provide more details to better understand what happened.

If damage also occurred to your boat or your trailer, you can also submit the claim through the app by clicking on “Submit a home claim”.

After submitting your car or home claim online, a claims adjuster will contact you within the next business day.

Intact Insurance's Online Services are available 24/7. You can submit a claim online through the Intact Insurance App or Client Centre anytime, from anywhere.

You can select “Someone else” and the claims team will verify the information entered.

Once a claim is active, you can use the Intact Insurance App or Client Centre to chat with the claims representative assigned to your file via chat or email. You can also contact the Intact Insurance claims department at any time by phone at 1-866-464-2424.

No. Simply contact an expert glazier from our network of recommended partners. They will send us the necessary information and repair or replace the damaged glass or windshield. In the app or the Client centre, select “Windshield damage” and we’ll guide you through the next steps: