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    Turo Car Sharing

    Is your car sitting idle in your driveway? Put it to work and earn extra income by listing it with Turo - an online peer-to-peer car rental, or car sharing, marketplace that allows private car owners to rent out their vehicles. It’s simple, safe and you choose who rents your car and when.

    How does it work?

    List your car at turo.com. It’s free to register and you set the pricing and availability. Once listed, your car can be viewed by a community of Turo renters. When someone chooses to rent your vehicle, a request will be sent to you for approval. You can then coordinate when and where to meet the renter for vehicle drop-off and to get the rental period underway.

    Please carefully read Turo’s Terms of Service, as well as all other relevant information about Turo at turo.com.

    Relax, your vehicle is covered

    As an owner, your vehicle is covered by Turo’s commercial insurance while it is being delivered to the renter and during the rental period. When the vehicle is not being delivered or rented, you’re protected as usual, under your Intact personal auto insurance policy. If you plan to participate in peer-to-peer car rental through Turo, you must inform your insurance broker.

    TURO Insurance Structure

    For more information on Turo’s commercial insurance policy and the coverage it provides, please click here.

    How much could I earn?

    Earnings vary depending on your vehicle value and availability, with average earnings estimated by Turo at approximately $500 CAD per month*.

    Want more information?

    Click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions or contact your broker today to find out more. You can also visit Turo.com for more details, including the full Terms of Service.

    *Estimated average monthly earnings of $500 CAD are projected by Turo based on average earnings of owners registered with Turo in the U.S. market from January 2015 to February 2016.