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Car Sharing

Turn park time into pay time

Intact Insurance and the Turo carsharing service

Will Intact still permit personal lines customers to list their cars on Turo or other car sharing platforms?

Intact Insurance, belairdirect and Jevco continue to allow personal automobile insurance customers to participate in car sharing, provided that the customer has notified their insurance company, and the car sharing company has an approved commercial automobile insurance policy in place. Customers participating in car sharing must inform their insurance broker or insurer directly of their intent to participate in car sharing activities and obtain approval from the insurance company to do so, to ensure they are properly protected for the use of the vehicle.


What should personal lines customers do next?

Personal lines customers must contact their insurance broker or insurer directly to advise that they are participating in car sharing activities.

If you are participating in car sharing or are considering participating, talk to your insurance broker or insurer directly to learn more.


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