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Get a car insurance quote in Quebec

Get a personalized car insurance premium with my Drive™. Safe driving could help you save!

With us, you stay in the driver's seat. Get a car insurance quote and the right protection for your needs.
  • Personalized car insurance premium
    Get car insurance that’s priced for you with my Drive™ along with free access to helpful features in the app.1
  • Drive green and save!
    If you're driving an electric or a hybrid car, get discounts and other benefits by insuring your electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicle with us.2
  • Good driving benefits 
    Our best offer. Enjoy our most competitive pricing and free Good record protection. Your premium will not increase as a result of 2 at-fault losses within a five-year period.
  • Roadside assistance
    Get help fast, when you need it. Drive worry-free with roadside assistance. Available at a competitive price, you can add roadside assistance to your auto insurance policy to get help fast, when you need it, anywhere in Canada and the United States.3


Have the right car insurance when you take the wheel and drive worry-free. Our auto insurance will provide options to obtain the coverage best suited to you and your particular vehicle, regardless of whether it is used, new, an SUV, a sedan, or another car type. 

  • Car insurance liability coverage provides financial protection for you if you are judged liable for any physical injury caused by your car to a third party.

  • Section B of your car insurance policy provides coverage for damages to the insured vehicle, according to the following options listed down below:

    • Section B2: Section B2 covers damage caused by collision and upset in case you find yourself in a collision with another car, a person, an animal, a road object or if your vehicle is overturned. 
    • Section B3: Section B3 covers damage that is not caused by Section B2. It covers everything also found in Section B4, including malicious mischief activities, projectiles, and falling or flying objects such as debris falling on the car like tree branches, trees, etc.
    • Section B4: Section B4 provides coverage for damages to your car caused by specific risks such as theft, water flooding, and hail.

Car insurance in Quebec

Are you preparing to face the rush hour traffic heading into downtown Montreal? Maybe you're visiting friends, family, and loved ones out in Laval or Quebec City. Regardless of where you live and drive in Quebec, with Intact Insurance, you’ll have the right car insurance policy for your needs.

Get tailored car insurance coverage in Quebec

Insurance representatives will ensure that your protections are tailored to your needs and offered at a competitive price. With Intact Insurance, you can hit the road worry-free.

  • Why do you need car insurance in Quebec
    The right car insurance is required to make sure you're protected in the event damages to your vehicle occur. In case of a collision, vandalism, or another insured peril, you can count on your protection and our claims team. Though Quebec has a public automobile insurance plan run by the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec, drivers still require car insurance to protect their civil liability and damages to their vehicle.
  • Ways to save on car insurance in Quebec
    When choosing your car insurance, make sure to take advantage of some ways to save money to lower your car insurance premium. Here are some of our suggestions to help you save:
    • Bundling your vehicle and home insurance policies with Synchro insurance
    • Owning a hybrid or electric vehicle
    • Driving a vehicle that is more affordable to insure
    • Driving safely and avoiding traffic violations
    • Enrolling to my Drive™ to get a personalized premium
    • Having a greater deductible

Programs and add-ons

If you have specific needs or want the most competitive offer, take advantage of our programs and endorsements. To learn more, ask your insurance representative or or get a car insurance quote.4

Good driving benefits

For eligible new clients: enjoy the best premium available from Intact Insurance, free Good driving record protection and enrolment to my Drive™!

My auto privilege

My Auto Privilege offers a robust double protection at a competitive rate. Hit the road with peace of mind with Roadside assistance and Good driving record protection.


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Bundle and save in Quebec!

Combine your home and auto insurance with Synchro insurance and take advantage of exclusive benefits. Get the best value for your money and save up to 15%5 on your home and auto insurance policies.


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  • Enrolling to my Drive™
    Get a car insurance price that’s right for you. Available through the Intact Insurance app, your safe driving habits could help you save!
  • FADOQ FreeSpace®
    Only for those at least 50 years young! FADOQ members: enjoy great protections and privileges, as well as a discount of up to 5% off your home and car insurance premium.
  • Combine your home and car insurance
    Get the best value for your money by combining your home and car insurance together with Synchro insurance.
  • More ways to save
    You own multiple vehicles and insure them with Intact Insurance? Is your car electric or hybrid? You have an approved antitheft or tracking system on your vehicle? It could help you save! 


Yes, if you own and drive a car in the province of Quebec, you need an active car insurance policy.

Car insurance covers some damage caused to the vehicle itself, and the damage it may cause to other vehicles. It also provides civil liability coverage to drivers of insured cars.

Yes. The public insurance plan, overseen by the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec, covers all Quebec residents regardless of whether they have a driver's license or not. This plan offers reimbursement in the case of bodily harm or loss brought on by a mishap, whether it happened in Québec or elsewhere on the globe. Depending on their involvement in the incident, the plan can compensate visitors to Quebec.

Yes. The Quebec Government amended its law in August 2019 to let drivers utilize digital insurance certificates as official documentation and proof of auto insurance. You can use the digital proof of insurance in the Intact Insurance app anytime, anywhere in Quebec.

To add roadside assistance to your insurance policy, call your insurance representative. Hit the road in your car in Quebec, anywhere in Canada and in the U.S.A worry-free and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you can get help fast, when you need it most, with our roadside assistance services in Canada.

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Talk to a representative in Quebec

It can be a challenge to find the right type of car coverage you need on your own. That’s why we have over 2,000 insurance representative relationships across Canada. Insurance representatives are highly skilled in assessing your car insurance needs and offer the right coverage for your situation and budget. Call an insurance representative today to talk about your needs and get a car insurance quote.

Get a car insurance quote in Quebec

Have the right protection when tackling the twists and turns of the highway. Find the best auto insurance policy for your needs, starting with getting an auto insurance quote online. Getting an auto insurance quote is the first step to protecting your vehicle.