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The FADOQ FreeSpace®

Only for those at least 50 years young!

Enjoy the benefits of being a Réseau FADOQ member with Intact Insurance

The FADOQ FreeSpace program gives you increased protection and privileges on both your car and home insurance. The result? Peace of mind when you do the things you want to do.

Car Insurance

  • 5% discount
  • Reduced deductible by up to $300 for collision or upset and up to a $100 reduction in the deductible for claims such as glass breakage, fire, theft or vandalism, on a first claim in 3 years
  • No deductible for hit-and-run damage or total loss
  • $50,000 in Accident Benefits coverage (with a Q.E.F. No. 34 endorsement) for yourself and your spouse in case of death or dismemberment resulting from a motor vehicle accident. 

Home Insurance

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  • 5% discount 
  • Reduced deductible by up to $300 on a first claim in 3 years
  • Claim payment based on the cost of repair or replacement with no deduction for depreciation, even if you decide not to rebuild your home
  • Free home assistance service after a hospital stay of more than 48 hours (emergency housekeeping, nursing care)

Combine and Save on Your Insurance!

Bundle your car and home with Intact Insurance and get the benefits of Synchro Insurance.


Members of the Réseau FADOQ who choose Synchro Insurance receive the following exclusive extras, at no additional cost.

Repair or replacement cost without deduction for depreciation with no obligation to replace your contents 

S.O.S. Identity protection with no additional fees: $25,000 of coverage in case of identity theft.

  • Not to mention other benefits, including:
    • Save up to 15% on your home insurance
    • You pay only one deductible if a claim involves both your home and auto policies
    • Up to $1,000 to replace locks if your car keys or house keys are stolen
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Your representative – your best source for information and advice

The FADOQ FreeSpace program helps you live life the way you want, without worrying about your insurance. Find out more from your representative.