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Tenant's Insurance

Protect the contents of your home with coverage designed for tenants.

Tenant's Insurance

Protect the contents of your home with coverage designed for tenants.

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If you rent your home, your landlord’s property insurance will not cover your belongings in case of fire, theft or damage

Choose among four flexible levels of coverage

Whatever the value of your belongings or the level of coverage you're looking for, whatever your family situation and budget, you’ll get maximum flexibility with tenant’s insurance from Intact Insurance.

Starting from as little as $15 per month, you can choose from four different levels of coverage (Basic, Intermediate, Maximum and Superior) to insure your belongings and liability.

To find the level of coverage that best suits your needs, talk to your broker. Your broker can give you the right advice.

Get even more!

When you choose tenant insurance from Intact Insurance, the following features are also available to you:

2-Year Policy

With the 2-Year Policy, your premium is frozen for 24 months, even if you have a claim during that time. What’s more, you save time by not having to renew your insurance each year.

Synchro Insurance

With Synchro Insurance®, you could be entitled to save an additional 15% off your tenants insurance by combining it with your auto policy.

Good Record Protection for home insurance

Fire or water damage that makes your home less livable is… unforgivable. But here’s some coverage that really does forgive.

Your broker is there for you!

Do you want to ensure peace of mind with a flexible, affordable tenant insurance policy for your apartment? Call your broker today.

Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions apply to all offers. The information that appears on this website is provided to you for information purposes only. Your insurance contract prevails at all times. Please consult it for a complete description of coverage and exclusions.

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