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Home-based business insurance

When your home is also your workplace, make sure you’re covered.

Talk to an insurance representative about extending your home insurance policy if you run a small business from home.
  • Protect your business income
    If a fire in your home prevents you from conducting business, your home-based business insurance policy would provide coverage.
  • Broad business property coverage
    Your furniture for professional use, contents, equipment, stock held for sale, office supplies, computers are covered.
  • Outstanding claims experience
    If you need to submit a claim for the business that you operate from home, know that our claims team is available 24/7 to support you through every step of the way.


If you own a home business, you may want to get coverage for your commercial belongings, as you do not get commercial belongings coverage under your standard home insurance policy. Whether you’re a freelancer, run an online shop or have client consultations at home, by adding home-based business insurance to your existing home policy, you can have the right protections for your professional activities.

  • Our home-based business insurance policy will cover the damages to belongings for professional use both on and off-premises:

    • Business equipment
    • Furniture
    • Tools
    • Business inventory and goods that are held for sale
    • Property of others which for you are liable
    • Computers and licensed software
    • Cellular phones
  • Our home business insurance provides you with coverage in case of business interruption following a loss caused by an insured peril. It will cover operating losses if you need to stop your operations due to loss, damages and destruction of the business property.

  • Home-based business insurance offers you personal liability coverage if you're sued and held legally liable for the unintentional damage to the property of others, advertising injury, or bodily injury that arose due to your business activities.

No matter what happens, we’ve got your back

We’re there when you need it the most.

At Intact Insurance, we’ve got your back. We’ll help you get through the insurance claims process as quickly as possible, provide advice on what to do next and walk you through every step of the way. Plus, with our online services, you can submit and track your claim at any time.

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It’s simple! Home-based business insurance can be added to your home insurance policy. If you’re not already an Intact Insurance customer, the first step is to get a home insurance quote for your principal dwelling. Then, make sure you specify that you are also looking to have additional coverage if you operate a business from home, so that you add this additional coverage to the property’s policy if eligible. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your insurance representative to discuss your home-based business insurance needs.

Home-based business insurance, also known as home business insurance, protects office furniture, business equipment, merchandise both on and off-premises, and operating losses. It also includes personal liability insurance, which protects you if you are held liable for damages caused by your business activities. For more details about your coverage, refer to your insurance representative or to your insurance policy documents.

We offer coverage for a wide range of home businesses. Whether you’re a designer, music teacher, copywriter, architect, notary, accountant, travel planner, consultant, etc., we could have the right coverage for you and your home business. Please note that the list of eligible home businesses can change at any time. Reach out to your insurance representative to know if your professional activities are eligible.

You should get home business insurance as your home insurance does not cover damages caused by your business operated from home. It leaves your business (and your home!) exposed to a lot of risks. With a home-based business insurance policy, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that operating losses and property for professional use and your home are covered. 

You should get home business insurance as your home insurance does not cover damages caused by your business operated from home. It leaves your business (and your home!) exposed to a lot of risks. With a home-based business insurance policy, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that your business and your home are covered. 

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With all the home-based business insurance options available and your specific needs for your business, it can be difficult to pick the right protection. That’s why we work with over 2,000 brokerages and agencies across Canada that are highly skilled in assessing your home-based business insurance needs and offer the right coverage for your situation and budget. Chat with an insurance representative today to talk about your needs and get a home-based business insurance quote.

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Protect your home-based business with the right coverage for your needs by contacting an insurance representative or by calling us. Getting a quote is the first step to protecting the business you operate from home.