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How do I activate Weather Alerts*?

Severe weather headed your way? Be the first to know with Weather Alerts. 

A personalized weather service
  • Timely notifications to help you prevent damage and accidents caused by extreme weather. 
  • Weather Alerts is available exclusively to my Drive™ users.  
  • Not signed up with my Drive™ yet?  Learn more and join the program!

Receive warnings

Receive warnings ahead of severe weather events to help you prevent damage and stay safe. 

Get tips on how to protect your home or car

Get tips on how to protect your home or car: in case of strong winds, for example, an alert will suggest that you park your car in a garage or away from trees.

Choose the locations for notifications

Choose the locations for notifications: your home and your current geographic location.

Receive alerts for the full range of weather conditions

Receive alerts for the full range of weather conditions: rainstorms, freezing rain, snowstorms, snow flurries, hail and strong winds.

Step-by-step: Activate Weather Alerts

Be prepared for Mother Nature’s surprises!

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Activate Weather Alerts

Weather Alerts follows you everywhere to prevent damages to your property, your vehicle and yourself!


It's a new feature on the Intact Insurance App that tracks extreme weather conditions in your vicinity and sends notifications (alerts) to your smartphone to help you protect your vehicle or home.

You’ll receive alerts and notifications about potentially damaging extreme weather events like snowstorms, strong winds, rainstorms, freezing rain or hail.

This feature is available to Intact Insurance clients who have signed up for the my Drive™ program in the following provinces: Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  

Weather Alerts is available for iPhones 12 and above and Androids 7.0 and above

Yes: Only Intact Insurance personal lines policyholders who’ve downloaded the Intact Insurance App can access Weather Alerts.

For a start, Weather Alerts will give you up to six hours advance notice of extreme weather conditions – that’s ample time for you to prepare. You'll also receive tips and other advice on how to protect your property, home, and vehicle. This kind of forewarning helps protect your belongings and the things you care about.

Yes, they are! With just a few taps, you can access weather alert details.

Yes, you can − by activating the “Do Not Disturb” function on your smartphone.

Yes, you can keep an eye on all the properties covered by your home and auto insurance policies.

They are accurate to within 3 km of your physical address and geographic location, and are sent by the Intact Insurance App up to six hours in advance!

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