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Intact Insurance App

Get peace of mind, wherever you go, with the Intact Insurance App.

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58K Ratings

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21K Ratings

Access your home and car insurance, and so much more, with ease.
  • Convenient
    The app provides easy and secure access to your home and car insurance documents and to your digital proof of insurance (pink slip). It also allows you to submit and track a claim with ease anytime.
  • Comprehensive
    Intact Insurance is there for you when you need it most. From Crash Assist to roadside assistance and the ability to easily submit and track your home or car claim: no matter what happens, we’ve got your back. You can even contact your broker from the app! 
  • Personalized
    Get a car insurance premium that’s priced right for you when you enrol in my Drive™*, including driving insights and tips to help you become a more informed driver!

Must-have features at your fingertips

Get peace of mind knowing that the Intact Insurance App provides you with secure access to the services you need, and much more, so that you can focus on what really matters to you.

Access your digital proof of insurance

Get assistance when you need it the most

Get a personalized premium

Discover the Intact Insurance App

Insurance documents

View your billing statements, coverage information, contract summaries, and more. All this, in the app!

Car care

We help you take care of your car so that you can drive with confidence. With Car Care, receive notifications in the app about safety recalls.

Driving insights

Find out if your driving is safer or riskier than other drivers, get more out of your tank with better fuel efficiency and become an eco-friendly driver.

Home upkeep

This new beta app feature*** helps you maintain and protect your home throughout the year. Get personalized reminders and easy-to-accomplish activities lists to help you stay on top of your home’s upkeep.

Over 1 100 000 clients use the app.

Don’t wait and download it now!

download on app store download on app store

58K Ratings

get it on google play get it on google play

21K Ratings

Scan the QR code with your mobile phone to download the app

Unlock helpful features

Get the most out of the Intact Insurance app and enjoy even more helpful features with just a few clicks.

Preferred option
There’s even more!
Digital proof of insurance
Submit and track a claim
Insurance documents 
Make a payment 
Roadside assistance**
Home upkeep (Beta app feature***)
Personalized premium
Crash assist
Weather alerts
Car care
Driving insights 
(Safety, Fuel efficiency & Eco-driving)

Not yet a client?

Get an insurance quote for what matters most to you. Get the right coverage for your house, your car or your recreational vehicle now to enjoy great protections and online services.

Over 600 000 clients use the app. See what they say:

"Amazing! So great to have access to my policy wordings, endorsements, etc. On my mobile device"

"This App is great, user friendly and provides all needed information about my policy and any claims I have currently or even past claims! Great for when you just get into an accident."

"Wow! Very easy to use and now I can log in at anytime to view my insurance."

Download the app now and activate my Drive™ to access additional features and get a personalized car insurance premium.

download on app store download on app store

58K Ratings

get it on google play get it on google play

21K Ratings

Not yet a client?


To download the Intact Insurance App, simply go to the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android). Then, search for “Intact Insurance” and download the Intact Insurance App for free. When you open the app, you can enter your policy number and a few personal details to create your profile. Easy, right? You can now use the Intact Insurance App and access your insurance documents 24/7.

No need to rifle through your glove compartment! Open the Intact Insurance App, select “Documents” and then tap “Proof of Insurance” to access your digital proof of insurance. From there, you can also share your digital proof of insurance or add it to your Apple Wallet. For additional security, your digital proof of insurance can be saved for easy reference as a widget on your iPhone or Android device.   

In the event of an accident, Crash assist in the Intact Insurance app provides the help you need. To activate Crash Assist, go to the Intact Insurance App home screen and tap “assistance” at the bottom of the screen. Then, at the top of the screen, tap “Crash assist” and tap the toggle to activate. Finally, make sure you allow notifications by tapping "Allow" when prompted. Crash Assist is activated when the toggle button displays “ON.”

For any other questions and guides about using the Intact Insurance App, head over to our user guide. You’ll find step-by-step guides, tutorials and answers to your questions! 

If you have questions about my Drive, access the dedicated FAQ here.

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