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Enjoy an enhanced experience and exclusive features in the Intact Insurance app.

Coverage that extends beyond your home and protects your lifestyle.

You have earned your lifestyle and you should enjoy it - worry-free. my Extras® offers peace of mind with insurance coverage that can protect your lifestyle and valuable assets from the unexpected.

Whether you have an ornamental garden, enjoy recreational activities or have a prized collection, my Extras is designed with your unique needs in mind and includes new or enhanced coverage for:

  • Bicycles, jewellery and watercraft
  • Personal property at any location you own or rent (other than your principal residence)
  • Business property at both your principal residence and off the premises
  • Landscaping
  • Worldwide personal and premises liability protection
  • Rental of golf, ski and snowboard equipment if yours are stolen, damaged, lost or delayed while travelling
  • And many more features and increased coverage limits

Eligibility for my Extras

You do not need to own an expensive home in order to qualify for my Extras – you just need:

  • A minimum amount of condominium insurance or a minimum amount of dwelling insurance for your house.
  • To be 3 years claim free if you are a new customer, or not have more than 1 claim in the past 3 years with Intact Insurance if you are an existing customer

Bundle and save

You could save 10% on your my Extras premium when you bundle Lifestyle Advantage® coverage on your policy.

Contact your broker today to see how my Extras can benefit you.