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Wednesday, December 05, 2012 - All over Canada

We proved that insurance is not about things - it's about people: The Thunder Bay Rainstorm

In May 2012, a large storm left a path of destruction in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Heavy rainfall caused rivers to swell to dangerous levels, highways to close and caused severe damage to homes. On May 28th, the city declared a state of emergency. We were there to help customers put things back together.

Although we'd all prefer these types of disasters to simply not happen, Intact Insurance is dependent on our ability to get customers back on track when disasters strike. And getting our customers back on track is exactly what we did.

On that day, we invoked the Intact Insurance catastrophe plan and begun to mobilize staff from all over Ontario, Atlantic and the Western regions of Canada. We set up a community response centre in Thunder Bay to expedite claims and provide the local service our customers needed and the immediate assistance they required.

More than 1,000 claims were reported and with the support of our Rely Network - our network of carefully chosen and preferred suppliers - we were ready and focused on rebuilding and putting our customers back on track.

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