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Motorcycle insurance

If you love to ride, make sure you’ve got the right motorcycle insurance.

With us, you can stay in control. Get the best insurance for your motorcycle with Intact Insurance.
  • The motorcycle coverage you need
    We offer motorcycle insurance coverage to meet your needs. We insure many types of motorcycles, from standard to custom-built, dual-purpose, cruisers, off-road bikes, and scooters.1
  • Select Rider Discount
    Have you continuously held a motorcycle licensed for the last 6 years and under 60? Have you not been held responsible for any motorcycle accident in the past 6 years? If eligible, you could enjoy the Select Rider Discount!
  • Support from the biggest claims team in Canada 
    Accidents can happen. If you need to make a motorcycle insurance claim, we’ll help you through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Take to the wide road on your motorcycle with the right motorcycle insurance! Whether you ride a motorcycle or a scooter, in the city or on the freeway, with Intact Insurance, you can ride freely knowing you have the right protections.

  • Third Party Liability Coverage coverage may protect you against claims for damage to property or injury caused in a motorcycle accident, including court defense, examination expenses, and legitimate charges awarded against you by the courts.

    • Covers medical payments for assessment, treatment and rehabilitation that are not covered by the provincial health plan after harm caused in a motorcycle accident. 
    • Accident benefits also includes coverage for funeral benefits, grief counseling, total disability income benefit and death benefits following a motorcycle accident. 
  • Direct Compensation Property Damage Coverage may cover damages to your motorcycle and its contents if another driver is at fault.

  • Optional

    Various levels of physical damage coverage for your motorcycle are available, depending on how much protection and coverage you want for your motorcycle insurance: 

    • Specified Perils Coverage: Covers your motorcycle against limited numbers of dangers such as risks, like theft, natural disasters, hail, riots or civil disturbances.
    • Collision or Upset Coverage: If damages are caused to your motorcycle because you've crashed into something (like a light post, guardrail, or another vehicle), Collision or Upset coverage could cover the cost of those repairs. You may just have to pay the deductible.
    • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers the expenses to fix the damage to your motorcycle from unpredictable circumstances such as fire, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters.
    • All Perils protection: Combines Comprehensive coverage and Collision or Upset coverage for your motorcycle.

Programs and add-ons

If you have specific needs or want the most competitive offer, take advantage of our programs and endorsements. To learn more, ask your broker and get a quote.2

Accident rating waiver

Protect your good driving record at Intact Insurance and keep your premium from going up as a direct result of your first at-fault accident.

Plus Pac

Motorcycle physical damage extension package Plus Pac extends your protections. Enjoy coverage for a replacement rental vehicle in the event of an insured loss, waives the depreciation on the motorcycle for 48 months and reimbursement for emergency service expenses.

Accessories and upgrade coverage

Protect your accessories and upgrades to your motorcycle up to $15,000, including but not limited to helmets, goggles, gloves, vests, gear bags, chrome, paint or other customized modifications.


woman in nature with car

Bundle and save!

Combine your home, auto and motorcycle insurance and take advantage of the exclusive benefits. Get the best value for your money with insurance bundles.3


man with a van
  • Bundle your home, car and motorcycle insurance
    Get the best value for your money by bundling your home, auto and motorcycle insurance together!
  • Select rider advantage
    Eligible motorcycles that meet certain criteria are eligible for savings.  Have you had no accidents at fault within the last 6 years and no criminal conviction of any kind? Reach out to your broker, you could save!  
  • Driver training certificate
    Did you know? New or young drivers can save for having completed a registered motorcycle driving course within the last 3 years, with other qualifying criteria such as having no at fault accidents.


We provide insurance coverage for the following categories of motorcycles: standard, custom-built, dual-purpose, cruisers, off-road bikes, and scooters.

Due to the increased chance of motorcycle riders being involved in accidents and filing claims, a motorcycle insurance policy is typically more expensive than a car insurance policy. If you have questions about the cost of your motorcycle insurance premium, don’t hesitate to ask your broker.

Older bikes are often estimated at a lesser value, hence why the cost of the insurance premium is lower. In case of damage, replacing the motorcycle would cost less than replacing a recent motorcycle model. 

Your motorcycle insurance premium is calculated by a variety of factors. These variables can include:

  • The type of motorcycle you drive
  • Where you live
  • The number of years you’ve been riding a motorcycle
  • Motorcycle riding lessons you've taken
  • The type of motorcycle insurance protection you require
  • The amount of deductible you pay

Contact your broker to request a motorcycle insurance quote and to learn more about your motorcycle insurance premium. 

No. Your motorbike is not covered under your auto insurance, they are two separate policies. Your car insurance would not cover any type of protection when you drive your motorcycle. If you own a motorcycle, you need to get a separate insurance policy for it.

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Talk to a broker

With all the motorcycle insurance coverage available and your specific needs, it can be difficult to pick the right protection. That’s why we have over 2,000 broker relationships across Canada. Insurance brokers are highly skilled in assessing your motorcycle insurance needs and offer the right coverage for your situation and budget. Chat with a broker today and get a quote.

Get a motorcycle insurance quote

Keep yourself safe when tackling the twists and turns of the highway. Find the best motorcycle insurance policy for your needs by getting a motorcycle insurance quote. Getting motorcycle insurance is the first step to protecting your motorcycle.