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How to request roadside assistance* in the Intact Insurance app

If you need help on the road, use the Intact Insurance app to request roadside assistance.

Help when you need it!
  • Enjoy complete peace of mind with Intact Insurance’s roadside assistance.
  • We’re there to help when you experience problems on the road – empty gas tank, mechanical breakdown, flat tire and much more.
  • Check your policy to see if it includes this endorsement. Learn more about roadside assistance.

*Roadside assistance is available as an automobile insurance policy endorsement. 

Towing your vehicle (up to 50 km)

Jumpstarting your battery

Unlocking your car doors

Changing a flat tire

Delivering gas (up to 10 litres) 



* Maximum coverage of four incidents per year per policy. 

* Available 24/7 in Canada and the United States.

Step-by-step: Request roadside assistance with the Intact Insurance app

Thanks to your smartphone, Intact Insurance can quickly identify your location and send the services you requested. The services you’re entitled to are automatically authorized through the Intact Insurance app. With the Intact Insurance app, drive worry-free.

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Download the Intact Insurance app

For added peace of mind, always keep your smartphone and the Intact Insurance app with you when you’re on the road. You’ll then be able to get help quickly when you need it. 


If you don’t have Intact Insurance roadside assistance, you can contact your insurance representative to add this endorsement to your insurance contract. To learn more about roadside assistance, go to the Roadside Assistance page on our website.

You can request roadside assistance for your car. 

You can call us at 1-844-428-2020 to request roadside assistance.

Android 7s or iPhones 11 and above will let you download the Intact Insurance app. The app will automatically determine your location from the GPS on your smartphone, and, in the event of a problem, assistance will be just a tap away!