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Home and car insurance bundle

Bundle and save! Combine your home insurance and auto insurance and take advantage of the exclusive benefits. Get the best value for your money with insurance bundles.1 Get a bundle insurance quote today.

Your car and home insurance belong together

Bundling is the perfect marriage between your home and auto insurance. This stellar combination gives you unique benefits and savings on your insurance premium. Not to mention, it makes your life easier with just one bill, one payment and one renewal date! 

Bundling your home and auto insurance can save you hundreds. Take advantage of this winning combination by getting a home and car insurance quote: not only you could get excellent protections for your home and vehicle, but you could benefit from our most competitive rates and exclusive offers.


Perks and savings

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Bundling your home and auto insurance has plenty of benefits for you to take advantage of for your insurance policies. You could save hundreds and enjoy our most competitive rates and exclusive offers: 


  • Save on both your home insurance and car insurance premiums
  • Pay a single deductible if you have a claim on both your home and car at the same time
  • Add more liability protection with personal umbrella coverage, a great solution to a volunteer or a member of a non-profit Board of Directors
  • Add travel insurance coverage for peace of mind away from home - for vacation or a business matter
  • Add protection to your cottage, boat, jewellery, computer and more - protect what you value with our policy bundle options 
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Get a car and home insurance quote to win on every level

With bundle insurance, you can save money and time by only having to deal with a single insurance company.


  • Get the best value for money with discounts on your home and auto insurance
  • Save time: If ever you need to file a car and home claim, you’ll only have to deal with Intact Insurance.
  • Enjoy the convenience of only one bill and one renewal date. Never forget a payment!

We're there when you need it the most

At Intact Insurance, we’ve got your back, no matter what happened.

We’ll help you get through the insurance claims process as quickly as possible, provide advice about what to do next and walk you through it every step of the way. You’re guaranteed to open a claim in less than 30 minutes and can access a 24/7 local claims service. Plus, with our online services, you can submit and track your claims at any time.

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You can get an insurance bundle for your home and car insurance policies with Intact Insurance.

Absolutely! When you get a quote, a broker will guide you and discuss with you your needs to ensure you gain the best coverage for your lifestyle.

With insurance bundling, you can receive special rates and benefits for your home and car insurance policies. Plus, you only deal with one insurer when it comes to renewal and claims!

Yes! You can bundle your policies if they have different renewal dates. You can add your second policy up to six months in advance of your renewal date and lock in the quoted premium, even if rates go up or you have a claim before your current policy expires.

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Get a bundle insurance quote

Want to learn more and enjoy the benefits of bundle insurance? Get a home and car quote by reaching out to one of the 2,000 brokers that we work with. Getting a bundle quote for your home and car insurance is the first step to enjoy great protections, savings and exclusive benefits.