Keep yourself covered on the road

The wait is over — road trip season is here and nothing will stop you from enjoying it. You’ve packed your rain gear, sunscreen, and fully-loaded cooler, but most importantly, you’ve insured your vehicle with Intact Insurance!

For the utmost piece of mind when you explore the roads of Canada and the U.S., discover the incredible benefits offered through our optional roadside assistance coverage.

Roadside Assistance for your car

If you’re going to be travelling by car this summer, our Roadside Assistance program for cars covers four service calls 
per year. Each call includes:

  • towing up to 50 kilometers, much more than the standard range offered on the market
  • jump-starting your battery
  • unlocking your car doors
  • changing a flat tire
  • delivering up to 10 liters of gas at no charge
  • winching your vehicle out of mud

Roadside Assistance for your motorcycle

Don’t hit the road on your bike without our motorcycle coverage program, which entitles you to three service calls per year. Each call includes:

  • towing up to 100 kilometers in case of mechanical breakdown, flat tire, or loss or theft of keys
  • jump-starting your battery
  • delivering gas if you run out (up to 10 liters at no charge)
  • extricating your motorcycle from mud

The long haul

If you’ll be driving for long stretches of time this summer, get one of your passengers to take the wheel for a bit and you can rest peacefully knowing that your vehicle is covered for a secondary driver. These are the little considerations that really go a long way to making your trip enjoyable.

Choose the Roadside Assistance program that’s right for you and, if ever you find yourself in a bind, have no fear. Just call the number on your Roadside Assistance card, and our experts will be there in no time.

Don’t compromise your vacation. Get Roadside Assistance for your car or motorcycle and have an incredible summer!

Please consult your broker to learn more.

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