Moving? Here are 5 tips to prepare for the big day!

You were planning to use a professional mover, but your friends and family have offered their help? No matter which option you choose, make sure you have the protection you need.

1 – Get off to a good start. Call your broker. 

First, inform your broker of your upcoming move. He will be able to update your file and see that you have the coverage you need to be well protected. In addition to basic information like your new address, your broker will take down all the information related to your new home, such as:

  • whether it’s a house, condo or apartment
  • whether your new home has a fireplace, a backup gas heating system, etc.
  • whether you bought new furniture, like a home theatre
  • whether you’re moving in with a new partner, to take into account the combined value of your possessions
  • whether your new home is equipped with a pool or a spa, which would require special coverage

2 – Take comfort in knowing your belongings at your former address and at your new address are covered

Planning on transferring some of your possessions to your new place before moving day? Take comfort in knowing that, for a 30-day period,1 your home insurance covers these assets as well as the belongings that are still at your former address.

3 – Move with total assurance

Intending to use professional movers? Choose them carefully. Ask for references and a copy of their insurance policy to make sure they have the right coverage to protect your belongings.

Going to call on friends to help you move? Be aware that, while in transit, your belongings are protected based on the coverage included in your home insurance. For example, if your home theatre is damaged while being moved, “all perils” insurance would cover its value, but “specific perils” coverage would not.

Storing some of your belongings? Remember, your home insurance policy only covers stored goods for 30 days,1 but you can extend this period if necessary.

4 – Rest easy

At last you’re all settled in your new home! If you want peace of mind when it comes to your new house, condo or apartment, we have the solution—Intact Insurance’s Good Record Protection for home insurance.2 Ask your broker if you are eligible for this reassuring protection, which guarantees that your home insurance premium won’t increase as a result of a first claim in a five-year period.

5 – Ask your broker

Should you have any questions regarding this or your coverage, contact your broker now. He is your best advisor.

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