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Vehicule insurance
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Get the right coverage for life’s ups and downs and tricky left turns.

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No matter if you’re looking for insurance coverage for your car, motorcycle, snowmobile or ATV, be assured that you’ll get the right protection for your needs. Learn more about our vehicle insurance coverages and find a broker to get a quote.

How to save on car insurance

Did you know? You could save up to 25%* on your car insurance premium by driving safely with my Drive™!  Plus, get a one-time 10% discount when you sign up in the program*!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover our vehicle insurance protections and more ways to save

Explore  savings, promotions and our tailored car insurance options below.

*Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. Other factors affect the overall cost of your premium. Please refer to our Terms of Use for details of the program.