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    my Driving Discount® FAQ

    Program and Policy

    Can I change my mind and opt out of the program? If so, will my insurance policy be cancelled?

    This program is voluntary. You may opt out at any time during the assessment period and your insurance policy will NOT be cancelled. However, as of the date you withdraw, you will no longer be eligible for the savings available with the my Driving Discount program.

    If you do opt out, we will send you a prepaid envelope in the mail. All you will need to do is put the device in the envelope and mail it back to us.

    What do I have to do at the end of the my Driving Discount program?

    Once you’ve completed the assessment period, you’ll receive an email with instructions. Soon after, will send you a prepaid envelope in the mail. All you will need to do is put the device in the envelope and mail it back to us.

    What do I do if I change vehicles?

    During the driving data collection period:
    If you change vehicles during the assessment period, please contact your broker to make arrangements for transferring the device to your new vehicle.

    Outside of the driving data collection period:
    If you are not in a driving data collection period, just tell your broker about the change of vehicles.

    Will I keep the my Driving Discount premium reduction if I get another car?

    Yes. my Driving Discount is an insurance program that gives you a personalized discount based on recorded driving behaviour. The discount is based on driving habits, not on the vehicle. Therefore, the discount will be applicable to the new vehicle.

    What happens if I put my vehicle in storage?

    When you put your vehicle in storage, we recommend that you unplug the device and contact us so that we can put a hold on the program until you take your vehicle out of storage.

    What are the eligibility conditions for my Driving Discount?

    • The Insured must meet Intact Insurance underwriting guidelines.
    • The Insured must provide a valid email address.
    • The vehicle must not be in storage when you enroll in the my Driving Discount program and must not be stored or unused for more than 30 consecutive days during the six-month data collection period.

    Eligible vehicles:

    • Model year 1998 or later;
    • Private passenger automobiles;
    • Individually-rated light commercial vehicles (1 to 4 vehicles on the policy) in personal or commercial classes 33 to 45.

    Excluded vehicles:

    • Vehicles not compatible with the technology;
    • Fleets;
    • Truckers’ Insurance policies;
    • Heavy commercial vehicles;
    • Motor homes;
    • Motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and other miscellaneous vehicles.

    The policyholder or the driver designated by the policyholder, enrolled in my Driving Discount, must be the principal driver of at least one vehicle included in the policy with an annual premium of at least $300 (before tax and before applying the 5% enrollment discount).

    Can multiple principal drivers on the same policy enroll in the my Driving Discount program?

    Yes. Every principal driver on the policy can enroll if they meet the eligibility criteria.

    Can I register all my cars for my Driving Discount?

    Yes. A principal driver can register all vehicles for which he or she is identified on the policy as the principal driver, as long as the eligibility conditions are met. Connect the device to the car you use most often, and we’ll apply the discount for any other vehicles that appear on the policy with you as the principal driver.