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    my Driving Discount® FAQ

    My Device

    Where do I install the device in my vehicle?

    The device plugs into your vehicle’s On Board Diagnostics (OBD) port. For more information, refer to the installation guide.

    How do I find the port where I connect the device?

    The On Board Diagnostics (OBD) port is usually close to the steering column or below it, under the instrument panel, beside your feet. For more information, refer to the installation guide.

    How can I tell if I've installed the device properly?

    Once the device is plugged into the vehicle’s OBD port, start the car. Two small lights should go on. If these lights are on, your device is working properly. For more information, refer to the installation guide.

    How do I know if the my Driving Discount device is working?

    When you start the vehicle, look for two small lights on the my Driving Discount device. If these two lights have not gone on, unplug the device, review the installation guide, and plug it in again.

    What happens if my device stops working?

    Don’t worry. If your device stops working, simply call us at 1 855 785 2223 to let us know and we’ll send you a new one

    Can the installation of the device have an impact on my warranty?

    No. The device does not affect the manufacturer’s warranty because it is similar to a GPS.

    Can the installation of the device cause any damage to the vehicle or impact its performance?

    The device only collects and records data on how the vehicle is being driven; it cannot cause any damage or alter the vehicle’s performance.

    What happens if I remove the device?

    For vehicle maintenance or repair.
    If your mechanic has to remove the device from your vehicle for maintenance or repair, there will be no impact on your potential discount. Just be sure you reconnect the device when the repairs are completed.
    Long-term removal.
    If you need to take the device out of your vehicle for an extended period (30 days or more), it’s important to let us know, in order to avoid being removed from my Driving Discount. If we do not receive any data from your car for 30 days or more, you could be removed from the program. Please contact us at 1 855 785 2223 if you need to remove the device for a long period or if the vehicle will not be used for 30 days or more.

    What happens if I lose the device or if it gets damaged?

    Give us a call at 1 855 785 2223, and we will send you a new one. A charge may apply.

    Do I have to remove the device if I lend my car to someone else?

    No. The program is used to evaluate the principal driver, but also all other drivers that use the vehicle, during a 180-day assessment period.

    Will the device work outside the province?

    The my Driving Discount device works throughout Canada and the United States. You’ll be able to access all your driving data by logging in to the my Driving Discount Dashboard at mydrivingdiscount.intact.ca.

    Is the my Driving Discount device compatible with my OnStar system?

    Yes. my Driving Discount has its own technology and it is compatible with the OnStar system and other similar systems.

    Will the my Driving Discount device track the vehicle wherever it goes?

    In evaluating driving behaviour, the my Driving Discount device uses GPS technology.