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    my Driving Discount® FAQ

    How it Works

    What is my Driving Discount?

    my Driving Discount is our insurance program that offers you a personalized discount based on driving habits (braking, acceleration, and the time of day the vehicle is used, all in relation to the total number of kilometres driven). The better the driving behaviour, the more you save.

    What’s in it for me?

    First, you get an automatic discount of 5% just for enrolling. Then, you could save up to 25% on your auto insurance once your 6 month assessment period is completed. You will also get information about your driving behaviour.

    Is there any cost to enroll?

    No, there is no charge for enrolling in my Driving Discount.

    How do I sign up?

    If you already have an automobile insurance policy with us, you can enroll in the my Driving Discount program with your broker. If you are looking to insure your vehicle with Intact Insurance and sign up for my Driving Discount, you can fill out an online quote on our website or contact your broker.

    What happens after I sign up?

    We will send your my Driving Discount device in the mail. Just plug it in to your OBD (onboard diagnostics) port and drive as you normally do. After you connect your device, we’ll send you an email containing all the information you need to log on to your my Driving Discount and see your driving profile and potential discount. Your first update on your potential savings will be sent to you 30 days after you connect the my Driving Discount device in your vehicle.

    What factors are taken into consideration when calculating my discount?

    Three main factors are considered in determining your savings with my Driving Discount: hard braking, rapid acceleration, and the time of day that you drive. These factors are used to calculate a ratio in relation to the total number of kilometres driven.

    1. Hard Braking
      Hard braking increases the risk of being involved in an accident. The system determines a risk factor for hard braking by calculating the ratio of hard braking events to total km driven. A hard braking event is defined as any decrease of speed by more than 12 km/h in less than one second.
    2. Rapid Acceleration
      Rapid acceleration increases the risk of being involved in an accident. The system determines a risk factor for rapid acceleration by calculating the ratio of rapid acceleration events to total km driven. Rapid acceleration is defined as any increase of speed by more than 12 km/h in less than one second.
    3. Time of day
      Driving at night (between 12 a.m. and 4 a.m.) increases the risk of being involved in an accident. Many elements, such as reduced visibility and fatigue, make this time of day the riskiest. The system therefore uses the times of day that you’re driving to determine your personalized night-time driving factor. The less the vehicle is used at night, the more you can save.

    When will I be able to take advantage of my discount?

    You’ll automatically receive a 5% discount when you enroll in my Driving Discount. Once you’ve completed the 180-day assessment period, your premium will be adjusted to reflect any discount you may be eligible to receive. The activity discount will be applied to your vehicle for the rest of the current policy term and the renewal policy. We will keep you informed.

    How can I benefit from the maximum discount?

    The better you drive the more you save. Try to avoid rapid acceleration and hard braking. But your safety must always come first: if you have to accelerate or brake suddenly to avoid an accident, don't hesitate to do so! Also, the times of day when the vehicle is used affect your discount, so the less driving is done during high-risk periods, the more you can save.

    What if I don’t drive very well during the assessment?

    At the end of the 6 month assessment period, the final discount will be between 5% and 25%. Thanks to the advice you get with the program, you’ll be able to improve your driving as well.

    Who is eligible for my Driving Discount?

    A principal driver who has enrolled in the program may obtain this discount for all vehicles of which he is the principal driver.

    How long will my discount apply?

    Your 5% enrollment discount applies as soon as you join the my Driving Discount program. Once the driving behaviour assessment period is completed (after 180 days), the final discount will be calculated, based on the driving data that was collected. The percentage will be applied to the remainder of the policy term, and again on your next renewal.

    Can I restart the program if I don't like my final discount?

    No. You cannot restart the program because all of the driving information has already been gathered.

    Once the final discount is generated by the accumulated driving data, is it retroactive?

    No. The percentage discount based on driving activity will be applied after the completion of the assessment period, which consists of 180 days of collecting data.

    How can I save more?

    With Intact Insurance, there are many ways to save, such as Synchro Insurance and the multi-vehicle discount. Call your broker to find out what discounts you may qualify for.

    What other insurance coverage can I get from Intact Insurance?

    Combine your home and auto insurance to get all the protection you need and take advantage of premium discounts. Ask an insurance broker to recommend the policy that best suits your needs.