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  • my Driving Discount® - FAQ

    Find out more about how you could save.

    my Driving Discount® FAQ

    See how my Driving Discount can start saving you money with these helpful FAQs.

    What’s in it for me?

    First, you get an automatic discount of 5% just for enrolling. Then, you could save up to 25% on your auto insurance once your 6-month assessment period is completed. You will also get information about your driving behaviour.

    Is there any cost to enroll?

    No, there is no charge for enrolling in my Driving Discount.

    What factors are taken into consideration when calculating my discount?

    Three main factors are considered in determining your savings with my Driving Discount: hard braking, rapid acceleration, and the times of day when you drive. These factors are used to calculate a ratio in relation to the total number of kilometres driven.

    Can my premium go up because of the driving data (braking, acceleration and time of day of vehicle use)?

    No, your premium will not increase as a result of the data used to establish your potential savings. On the contrary, you automatically receive a 5% enrollment discount off your premium, and at the end of the 180-day assessment period you could get a total discount of up to 25%, depending on the driving data.

    How can I benefit from the maximum discount?

    The better you drive the more you save. Try to avoid rapid acceleration and hard braking. But your safety must always come first: if you have to accelerate or brake suddenly to avoid an accident, don't hesitate to do so! Also, the times of day when the vehicle is used affect your discount, so the less driving is done during high-risk periods, the more you can save.