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Claims hotline (24/7): 1 866 464 2424

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  • Floods

    Everything you need to know about our flood protection.

    In the past few weeks, Quebec has been hit by heavy rains and flooding. Here is everything you need to know about our home insurance flood coverage.

    • Not sure if you’re covered in case of flooding? Contact your broker.
    • Have you been affected by floods? Please call our 24/7 Claims Service at 1 866 464 2424. Our teams are working hard to quickly respond to your requests. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Expanded coverage

    As of March 27, we’ve expanded the coverage of our “Water Damage – Ground Water and Sewers” endorsement included in many of our eligible insureds’ home insurance policies. In addition to coverage for damage caused by ground water and sewers, they are now also covered, among others, for damage due to rising water or overland water. This change gives our eligible insureds better protection against water damage.

    Additional living expenses in case of evacuation

    In the event of an evacuation order issued by the civil authorities, insureds with the expanded version of the “Water Damage – Ground Water and Sewers” endorsement will be entitled to compensation for additional living expenses, subject to coverage limits provided in their insurance policy.

    Evacuated insureds who don’t have the above endorsement could also be compensated if they have an all-perils home insurance policy with Intact Insurance and provided that the water from the floods has not reached the insured premises. The amount of compensation is subject to coverage limits provided in their insurance policy.


    Reactiv® is a confidential psychological assistance program, offered by Solareh, designed to provide support to eligible insurers following a disaster. For help, please call 1 866 539 6767.

    Government assistance

    The Quebec government has announced a specific financial assistance program for the flooding that occurred between April 5 and May 16, 2017. The government has confirmed that compensation paid under this program will be complementary to claim payments made by insurance companies under their coverage for overflow of bodies of water.

    We suggest that you should give notice of loss to our Claims Department and file a claim with the Ministère de la Sécurité Publique (MSP).

    For more information on government assistance, please follow these links:

    Pick-up of your personal property by municipalities

    Some municipalities are asking residents to leave their damaged personal property curb-side for pick-up.

    For a prompt and effective claim settlement, we ask that you please:

    1. Maintain a complete list of damaged personal property and photograph it before disposal;
    2. Keep all proof of purchase.

    Make a donation

    Perhaps you aren’t affected by the floods but would like to help those who are? Donate to the Canadian Red Cross now. Every contribution counts.

    Reactiv® is a registered trademark of Solareh, Société pour l'Avancement des Ressources Humaines inc., the third party provider of psychological assistance services offered under the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, following a disaster.