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Uber Ridesharing and Intact Insurance

Effective September 1ST, 2020, Intact Insurance will no longer provide commercial automobile insurance coverage to Uber in Canada. Uber drivers looking to report a claim with a date of loss up to and including August 31st, 2020 can continue to do so, as they do today. 

Reporting an Uber Ridesharing Claim occurring on or before August 31st, 2020

If you are an Uber driver looking to report an Uber claim which has occurred on or before August 31st, 2020, Intact Insurance has you covered. Drivers should contact Uber via email or their Uber Partner mobile application, in accordance with Uber’s claims reporting procedure. Uber will record the details of the incident and provide it to Intact Insurance which will then process and adjust the claim. Drivers can also call Intact Insurance’s dedicated number for Uber claims at 1-866-470-2335. 

Intact Insurance Commercial Automobile Insurance Coverage for Uber drivers up to and including August 31st, 2020

Intact Insurance commercial automobile insurance coverage for Uber drivers and passengers up to and including August 31st, 2020 is outlined in the below diagram.

*The above coverage is only for claims that occurred up to and including August 31st, 2020


Will Intact still permit personal lines customers to drive for Uber or other Ridesharing platforms?

Intact Insurance, belairdirect and Jevco continue to allow personal automobile insurance customers to participate in ridesharing, provided that the customer has notified their insurance company, and the ridesharing company has an approved commercial automobile insurance policy in place. Drivers participating in ridesharing must inform their insurance broker or insurer directly of their intent to participate in ridesharing activities and obtain approval from the insurance company to do so, to ensure they are properly protected for the use of the vehicle. 

What should drivers do next?

Drivers must contact their insurance broker or insurer directly to advise that they are participating in ridesharing activities.

If you are a ridesharing driver or are considering becoming one, talk to your insurance broker or insurer directly to learn more.

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