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Car insurance that’s priced right for you

Personalize your car insurance premium with my DriveTM*. Let’s take the road together!

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Get a personalized premium based on how you drive.

Get tips and insights to help you become an informed driver.

Access to a set of helpful features to ensure you’re ready for whatever life throws your way:

  • Crash Assist
  • Weather Alerts
  • Car Care

Feel safe on the road and get a car insurance premium that’s priced just for you, with my Drive. Enroll with your insurance representative.

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Safe driving could help you save

With my Drive, your insurance premium will be personalized according to three main factors: speed, focus and smoothness. This means that whether your driving habits are safe or risky, they could influence the price of your insurance at renewal. Safe driving habits are rewarded and could help you save on your car insurance, while risky habits could increase your car insurance premium. Follow our tips to become a more informed driver and improve your driving habits!  


Maintain a safe speed and follow the limit


Keep your eyes on the road and off your phone


Brake and accelerate as smoothly as possible

Access helpful features with my Drive

Crash Assist

Crash Assist knows if you’ve been in a serious accident and immediately offers help: 

  • Contact emergency services with the click of a button  
  • Easily share your location with loved ones  
  • Get instructions with the Crash Scene Guide
  • Easily submit your claim
  • Locate nearby certified towing services 

Weather Alerts

Snow, freezing rain, hail or fog—Weather Alerts lets you know what’s coming so you can make informed decisions and prevent damage.

Car Care

Receive notifications about recalls that could impact your safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about Intact Insurance online services, head over to our user guide.

Have more questions about my Drive? Access the full my Drive FAQ and the Terms of Use.

If you subscribed between July 11, 2020 and April 10, 2022, consult our FAQ section or consult our Terms of Use.

Subscribed before July 11, 2020 ? Consult the Terms of Use.


*Certain conditions and limitations apply. Please consult the Terms of Use of the my Drive program: 

If you subscribed to my Drive before April 11th 2022 

If you subscribed to my Drive after April 11th 2022 

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If you subscribed to my Drive between November 18th 2020 and 11th 2022 

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