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Water damage? Be careful!

Don’t turn on any electrical switches until your electrical system has been checked by a professional.

  • First, turn off your main switch if you can do it safely.
  • If you have gas service, check for fumes – if you notice an odor, call the gas company immediately.

Take steps immediately to protect your property from further damage.

  • Board up holes or shut off water supplies to ensure your belongings are not damaged further.
  • Whenever possible, move undamaged items out of wet basements and away from flooded parts of your home.

To report the damage call us or your broker immediately

  • Standing water and wet materials are a breeding ground for micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria and mould which can cause disease, trigger allergic reactions and continue to damage materials long after the water damage. Mould growth can start in less than 48 hours.
  • Save receipts for materials you use – we will cover any reasonable cost associated with protecting your property if the loss is covered by your policy.

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