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Electric and hybrid vehicle insurance 

Enjoy great car insurance discounts and benefits just for your electric vehicle or hybrid vehicle. Save more than just in gas!

Electric or hybrid vehicle insurance with many eco-friendly benefits

Be rewarded for your environmentally responsible behavior by driving an electric or hybrid vehicle! Get discounts and other car insurance benefits by insuring your electric or hybrid car with us.

For those who help protect and preserve our environment by decreasing their carbon footprint, Intact Insurance is there to help by offering discounts and benefits, so that electric vehicle drivers can continue on their way.


  • Protect both your wallet and the environment: Get up to 20% off your electric or hybrid car insurance premium.1
  • Join an EV association: Get 50% off the first year of Association des Véhicules Électriques du Québec (AVÉQ.) membership and 20% off the second.1
  • Recharge your batteries: Enjoy peace of mind with car insurance that offers roadside assistance available to tow your electric vehicle to the nearest charging station if needed.2

With Intact Insurance, you’ll have ideal coverage for your needs

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  • Want rewards for safe driving habits? With the my Drive™ program, get personal tips to improve your driving and a personalized auto insurance premium.3 If you’re new to Intact Insurance, you could receive a 10% discount just for signing up!3
  • Intact Insurance's Good Driving Record Protection4 guarantees that your premium won’t increase even if you’re deemed at fault in one or two accidents.
  • Go 100% digital with our online services. Better for the environment and less paperwork for you!

Get the best coverage for your home too

Synchro InsuranceTM covers both your home and your car:

Enjoy up to 15%5 off your home insurance premium, a better overall protection and coverage for the charging station attached to your home.

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Our auto insurance provides comprehensive electric car insurance protection for both electric vehicles and hybrids. This includes electric car insurance coverage for collision, upset, civil liability coverage, and other risks. In addition, if your electric car battery dies, our car insurance includes roadside assistance available to tow your electric vehicle car insurance to the nearest charging station.2

Call one of our insurance representatives to get tailored electric car insurance benefits for your hybrid or electric vehicle. 

Calculating any electric car insurance premium that covers hybrid and electric cars depends on various factors: where the insuree lives; the electric vehicle model and year; the insuree’s driving record; the number of drivers who will use the electric car; and how the electric vehicle is powered (electricity, gasoline, diesel, etc.)

Intact Insurance offers discounts of up to 20%1 for electric car insurance coverage of electric vehicles or rechargeable hybrids.

Talk to one of our insurance representatives for more details or to get a green auto insurance quote. 

The heart of your electric car is the battery. Auto insurance covers the electric car battery against damage. With Intact Insurance, you can also get roadside assistance for your hybrid and electric cars to tow you to the nearest electric car charging station if necessary.2

If you decide to purchase an EV or hybrid, you need to check with your insurance representative for advice on the best electric car insurance coverage.

Make sure your home insurance also covers the electric car charging station attached to your home. 

Talk to one of insurance representatives to get your hybrid or electric car insured by a policy that's right for you. 

As part of its Roulez vert program to encourage Quebecers to “drive green,” the Quebec government offers rebates to individuals and businesses that purchase electric cars.

For more information, check the Quebec government website.

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Talk to an insurance representative

You would like to know more about EV insurance? Don’t hesitate to reach out to your insurance representative, they’re here to help. Talk to a representative today about the protection you need for your electric vehicle. 

Get an electric vehicle insurance quote

Save more than just in gas! Get up to 20% off1 your electric vehicle insurance premium with Intact Insurance.