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my DriveTM

The car insurance that understands you and how you drive.

Save up to 30%.

my DriveTM

The car insurance that understands you and how you drive.

Save up to 30%.

Introducing my DriveTM

Help us, help you save up to 30% on your car insurance* with a program tailored to you and your driving. my Drive not only rewards your safe driving habits, it also you gives you feedback directly on the Intact Insurance App so that you can drive safer. The more safely you drive, the more you could save!

You automatically get a one-time 10% discount when you enroll in the program with your broker. Your discount is then updated every six months based on how safely you drive*.

Finally, car insurance that adapts to how you drive – at the touch of a button!

A smooth ride could mean sweet savings

Your discount is calculated based on how safely you drive*. By avoiding distractions and risky behaviour on the road, you could save up to 30%. Keep track of how you’re doing after every trip with your Safety Score and use this feedback to optimize your driving – and your potential discount! It's an easy-to-understand snapshot as several factors are used to calculate your discount. What counts in your Safety Score?






Let’s take to the road together

Step 2

Enroll with your broker

Step 3

Download the Intact Insurance App and activate the my Drive program.

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

Step 4

Start driving and you could be on the road to savings. 

More questions?

Find out more information about the my Drive program by browsing our FAQs and Terms of Use.

*Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. Other factors affect the overall cost of your premium. Please refer to our Terms of Use for details of the program.

**An enrolment discount of 10% applies to new policies or risks effective from August 7, 2019 or existing policies effective from September 7, 2019.