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Minor Conviction Protection

We understand that mistakes happen.

Minor Conviction Protection

We understand that mistakes happen.

Minor Conviction Protection has you covered.

Ever worry about how a minor conviction**, such as a speeding ticket, could impact your car insurance premium? With Minor Conviction Protection coverage*** for your vehicle, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your first minor conviction won’t affect your premium.

To be eligible*** for Minor Conviction Protection, you must be:

  • Licensed for six years or more
  • Conviction free for the past three years
  • An Intact Insurance or Novex automobile policyholder

Contact your broker to find out if Minor Conviction Protection is right for you.

* The rate for qualifying drivers licensed nine years or more is $40/year; for those licensed six to eight years the rate is $50/year, and for occasional drivers licensed a minimum of six years the rate is $30/year.

** Minor convictions are moving traffic offences, other than those listed as major, serious or Criminal Code of Canada convictions, under any act governing highway traffic or Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act (CAIA) or any offences substantially the same committed outside of Canada.

*** In order to qualify, the principal operator or occasional driver must be licensed six years or more and conviction free for the past three years. Other conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply.