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Tuesday, January 12, 2010 - British Columbia

Chantelle Timmermans and the Intact Foundation: Helping Children at Victoria General Hospital

Local Support in Action

As told by Chantelle Timmermans:

"I was aware of Intact’s role as a proud supporter for the Canadian National Speed Skating team, but didn’t realize that Intact Financial Corporation also offers support to organizations in their local communities. I discovered that the Intact Foundation contributes financially to organizations that their employees support, or in which they volunteer their time.

"The opportunity presented itself for me to make a recommendation for an organization that I work for as a volunteer – the Child Life Department, on the Paediatric Ward at the Victoria General Hospital in British Columbia.

"Child Life Specialists assist families in recognizing and dealing with the intellectual, physical, emotional and social development of children and adolescents. A Child Life Specialist and their team of volunteers help patients and their families adjust to the hospital environment and prepare them for diagnostic or treatment procedures. As a volunteer my role is to plan, coordinate and initiate educational and recreational activities. We do our best to provide comfort and support for children and adolescents in the hospital, in designated play areas as well as at the bedside.

"My recommendation was approved, and a donation has been made from the Intact Foundation to the Child Life Department in Paediatrics at Victoria General Hospital for $5,000. This donation is more than the current annual Child Life budget, and will be used to purchase materials and supplies the staff and volunteers need to help the patients and their families.

"This donation comes at a good time as the Paediatric Ward, like many other organizations, has had to increase preventative measures to combat diseases. As a result of the H1N1 pandemic, the ward no longer allows books, or board games, and many toys cannot be shared. The donation made by Intact will be used to ensure that there are stuffed animals available for comfort, games for entertainment and arts and crafts for education.

"The staff and volunteers at Child Life are thrilled to receive this support, and I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this positive event."

Intact Insurance is proud of its employees, and their involvement in the community.

Left to right: Chantelle Timmermans (Intact Insurance Claims Representative), Phil Wynne (Regional Vice President, Vancouver Island) and Elizabeth Hallett (Annual Campaign Manager, Victoria Hospitals Foundation.

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